Spoiled rotten!

My grandmother has been reading the Paleo diet cookbook that was given to me as a gift from a good friend, and is on her A game about knowing what I can and can’t have. I think this book was a lifesaver because it saves so much times from the endless “well, can you have this?” conversation. I came home from a run yesterday and she had made some mackerel with cabbage and leeks, and set my vegetables aside first because she wanted to add butter to the rest. Boom. She has also already shown  me how to make scones, and how to use the bread maker. I am learning so many life skills! I try to do my part though by cleaning up after. I can get used to this.


Settling in: My first week in England

I finally made it. July has been like hell so far. The VTNE about killed me, with all the studying and trying not to think about leaving the country. The day of the test was the most anxiety I have ever had in my life. Taking the test was an emotional roller coaster, and when it was done, and I saw that I had passed, I didn’t even know whether I wanted to scream or cry. The last few days in Reno were a blast. I had my last spin session at my favorite gym, packed up, had lunch with one of my best friends sam, and headed on the road. with a couple road blocks, I ended up having my flight on friday rather than that thursday. I  landed in London and had a three hour layover, then flew into Manchester. I stood outside the airport waiting to get picked up, and then arrived at a family friends house in Didsbury. Did I mention that my bags were super heavy? That was a lot of fun carting them around so far.

Then it hit me. The test, being out of the country, I have no job, no gym, no crazy work schedule, nothing. I have never traveled by myself or anything. How do I take a train, or a bus? Just little stuff. I freaked out. Besides being a demon for the first three days with jet lag, I couldn’t think straight about anything, My sister calmed me down and reassured me that everything will be fine. I live with my grandparents, I have family scattered around the whole country, and people here speak English. I really have it  pretty easy. I’m still nervous though.

The week in the lake district was fun, especially the hike up to Englands tallest mountain. We did a lot of walking, and I got to row a boat!! We had a really nice dinner for my Grandmother’s 80th birthday, and the weather was perfect nearly the whole week. We left the lake district on Saturday, and came back to Birtley where my G-parents live. We visited a few places, and that night we met up with my dads friend and his wife for some dinner in Newcastle. It was a Saturday night, and all the men and women were dressed in their best clothes. I was wearing yoga pants ad a ski jacket…..neat. I am excited to roam around Newcastle, I didn’t know how big it was!

My parents and sister left today. MY parents had to wake up at three in the morning to go to their early flight, and I went with my grandad to drop Jenny off at ten. I thought about looking for a gym membership, but then I decided that instead of spending my money on that, I should start doing more running and body weight exercises…I hate running. Eventually I will get a bike.

Here’s to new adventures!!!!ImageImageImageImageImage