Spoiled rotten!

My grandmother has been reading the Paleo diet cookbook that was given to me as a gift from a good friend, and is on her A game about knowing what I can and can’t have. I think this book was a lifesaver because it saves so much times from the endless “well, can you have this?” conversation. I came home from a run yesterday and she had made some mackerel with cabbage and leeks, and set my vegetables aside first because she wanted to add butter to the rest. Boom. She has also already shown  me how to make scones, and how to use the bread maker. I am learning so many life skills! I try to do my part though by cleaning up after. I can get used to this.


2 thoughts on “Spoiled rotten!

  1. Did your mom tell you that she borrowed Jake until she finds another horse. I am sure he has taken over by now. Maybe she can use your old ORANGE tack on him to make him feel at home.

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