First Week, Done!

This was the first week just me and the G parents. We went to the lighthouse in Shields, and Durham Cathedral. We had lunch by the big river in Durham, and I was chased around by wasps the whole time. cool. The lighthouse was fun too. We also went into Newcastle on the bus, so that I could remember how to get there when I go by myself. I have been keeping up with the running, and it has gotten a little easier, and less effort to make myself go. I made an appointment for an interview to get my national insurance number, which is tomorrow. Hopefully that all works out. I went into downtown Newcastle by myself yesterday, and walked and walked and walked. All in the wrong places. I would start out where all the people were, then I would find myself just in the middle of buildings with no one around. I need to pay attention/ navigate better. I found my way back to where I was supposed to be, bought some veggies from one of the stands in a market, and sat and drank some tea. There is some really good people watching. It’s really weird how flocks of guys just show up. out of nowhere, just a group of 10-15 of them just come around the corner. Same with girls. there is maybe a dew couples here and there but that’s it. And they all smoke, a lot. 

Today I made lunch for my grandparents. Just something that I would have made at home. It looked really gross but they liked it and even had seconds, yesssss. 


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