I need to strap a map to my face

I went on the longest run of my life. Ten horrible miles. That is a walk in the park to a lot of people I know, but not me. My grandad gave me a good route to follow, and so of course I missed the first turn, and followed a nice walking path. Long story short, I was running in the grass next to roundabouts and endless neighborhoods. So I ended up at a B&Q (Home Depot) and bummed a ride from an innocent old man. I made it in time to get to my appointment to have my interview to get my National insurance number, and then stayed home, and didn’t leave my sofa chair. I now run out-and-back routes. Wednesday it was my grandad’s sister’s 84th birthday so she and her husband came over and we went to tynemouth. It was funny sitting dead center on a park bench between four 80 and up family members. We also watched a partial game of lawn bowling. I think all the players were also over eighty because none of them seemed to be able to pick up the ball on their own, and their “bowl” was like an arthritic toss. HA.

Yesterday I went to Durham on my own. I like Durham way better than Newcastle. It is a lot more peaceful. I went to a clothing store called Superdry and almost spent all my money. I even saw a DRESS that fit me for once. I ended up not buying anything, as usual. I do need to get more sophisticated clothing, since not everyone goes around in jeans and Tshirts. Maybe if I get a job. or job interview. yeah. Anyway, I walked down the road where the river is and a few of the colleges sports grounds are. I walked into a cricket game and sat and watched that for a bit. Too bad cricket is the most confusing sport I have ever witnessed. Holy crap. Then I left, and I sat at the front of the top level on the bus on the way home. Those bus drivers are ruthless and have nerves of STEEL. 

Oh yeah, and in Durham I had this perfect paleo lunch without even having to make any changes. It was a bun less burger with a salad that used a touch of balsamic and actual vegetables. yaaaay. 

This was my second Sunday where I make lunch for the G parents while they are at church. Last Sunday was a chicken and vegetable mix together in one pan looks like hell but tastes amazing kindof things.  Today I actually used a Paleo recipe from my book and made stuffed peppers. The recipe was supposed to be for bison, but ground beef works too.  I also felt like baking something, so I looked up a cookie recipe, and attempted  that. I got all the ingredients right, but I forgot to actually follow the directions on what goes first and all that, so the dough looked like sh. I needed to make the dough thicker, so I added who knows how much cocoa powder, and some of their muesli cereal. The first batch was too massive and was coming of the sides, and a few survived. I also cleaned the inside of the oven, like nothing happened. The second batch came out so they were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. They liked both of the batches. Its like I know what I’m doing or something. Grandma can’t be fooled though, she has given me lessons on making scones, and my dough handling ability and rolling skills are “funny.” Happy Sunday.

Since me and my paleo ways have been here, my grandma has lost about two stone. So there will be a lot more baking on my part. ImageLook at these suckers!!





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