today is not father’s day.

I Just watched the little girl across the street lose her balloon, and lost her mind right there in the middle of the road. The best part was her parents pointing and laughing at how high it’s going. haha

This week the gparents and I went to Scarborough on Monday. It was really nice. Tomorrow we are going to the dales, that should be fun too. I also sent my dad a fathers day card on Thursday because who knows how I got mixed up on google about  what day Father’s day is. So I can’t ever go back to that card store again that had gone in the back to bring me the box of the cards as I explained to them that the american day was this Sunday. I also called my dad, and he laughed at me. hahaha. 

I finally went to the gym on Wednesday. I got dropped off at the Gatesead leisure center to buy a day pass, and i was unable to because I didn’t register for some stupid crap on the website that they don’t tell you about at all. So I walked to Newcastle in search of a public gym. I stopped into Powerhouse fitness and asked and they directed me to one that is on top of the mall and to look out for the creepers. Cool. I also got a Whey protein drink that was dairy, lactose, wheat, and sugar free. I don’t know what it was made of. They were right about the creepers. Oh well. I was able to do everything I wanted, plus have a few laughs. Someone wearing short shorts, toms, a v neck shirt, and doing power cleans in the middle of every ones way deserved to be judged. It’s crazy how much the cardio row machine kicks your butt when you haven’t done it in forEVER. 

After the gym, I stopped by the Grainger market and got some lunch at a stall called “The Healthy Box” hehe, box. I got a couple beef burgers with chili sauce on top, some grilled veggies, and some sweet potato wedges. So good.




Then I decided that I was going to attempt to walk back home. I got to about three miles out and I had enough of walking. So I thought at least the bus will be cheaper since I am pretty much almost back. I saved 50p. fail. 

Saturday I helped with the churches bake sale fundraiser. I helped organize all the baked things on trays ( I practically took over) and then went for a walk around chester-le-street. I bought an apple from a market stand, walked around, got tired of walking, and sat and drank tea and read my book. Then I went back to the church and helped them wash up and put stuff away. Having tasks is fun, I miss tasks. 

Today I cooked a PaleOMG recipe and nailed it. It looks disgusting in the picture but it most definitely was NOT.  Cauliflower rice is the most simple thing ever, but don’t spill the crumbs, you will be sweeping for ever.Image


If anyone wants to make it their self, here is the recipe

(ps. this girl is my favorite person. shes soooo funny, especially when she dances in her cooking video.)

Tough Mudder Edinburgh this coming Saturday!!!!! AHHHH!!!!


2 thoughts on “today is not father’s day.

  1. Looking forward to the Father’s Day card arriving soon, going to frame that one. Love, Dad. Sorry about laughing, but hearing that you got people in a store to go to the back room and break out the stock shows you have certainly got a lot of self confidence. Don’t let the facts get in the way, you rock, and people should pay attention.

  2. This is hilarious! Happy Fatherday’s Day in America!!! I love it! At least you were planning to do something it could have been the other way and you didn’t even bother to send a card!;)
    I love reading about all of your adventures!

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