Super Saturday

Today was hilarious. The end..

Just kidding

So I had made friends with this girl and guy that work at a retail store on Wednesday, and I had been invited to a NUFC game that was today. I decided to go and it was great. I went for a morning run, got ready, got on the bus, and met them in Newcastle. People go to clubs at one in the afternoon , totally normal. I had a few drinks then we made our way to the game. Epic noise, and Newcastle actually managed to  win a game. Amazing!! The streets were FULL. everywhere. It was a great experience. I finally got on the bus, got home, and of course, my grandparents were still out. They are still out actually. Oh well. They party harder then me. it’s ok though. Now I just need to drink all of my hot water with lemon for the next few hours. I am still in shock !! holy cow.



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