University of Cambridge

I had my first real interview yesterday. Phew. 

You know that moment after being really excited about something, then suddenly you drop interest? Boom, here it is. 

The excitement of being invited to an interview to one of the best universities in the UK was pretty huge. But in the back of my head, I remember me standing there, in lab animal class, with a dead rat in my hand, and saying to Jessie “Fuck this shit” (sorry mom and dad) with a huge smile on my face. I think it was the smile of the calming relief that I  was not going to school to be put in this field of interest. 

The train there and back cost £117 pounds that I will never see again. Anyway, I got there after three and a half hours, walked two miles to the hospital campus (because I hate spending money on public transport) and was there about thirty minuets early. She had just finished the previous interview, and invited me in. There were three people in the room. I told them my history, my story of why I am here, and why this job is interesting to me. I could have won an oscar for my interview. The lady in charge of the interview went over how the job is the same thing every single day, and some people don’t like that. She also said the role involved cleaning the cages, feeding and watering, and noticing behavior. Honestly, that sound effing horrible. 

Reasons why I would take this job.

1. To say I work at UoC

2. If a job at the Veterinary medicine school popped up, I would try to snatch it ( potentially opening a can of worms, would I be stuck in a contract?)

3. To be closer to Newmarket, where the Job I actually want is.

4. The benifits are amazing, you actually get overtime plus more when you work on the weekends, there are discounts, pensions, paid time off, blah blah blah. 

But I am just not excited anymore. 

Walking around the university area, it was nice to see the young people all engaged in what they are doing. I saw the punting on the river, the pretty green lawns in front of the harry potter looking schools, and the overdressed students making there way around the town. And the amount of bicycles puts Chico State to shame. I fit in alright, considering I was just dressed for an important interview. But in the back of my head, I felt comfortable with the thought of this is sort of like pretend. Like I really don’t HAVE to dress this way. I don’t know, the atmosphere is cool, but not me. 

I also rubbed a hole in my feet because I wore my grandmothers flats since I didn’t think chucks were ok. Next time, I am wearing chucks. And they fell off at a crosswalk, HAHA


So for now, I am here. Waiting. But I get a warm feeling of the thought of them not ever being in contact ever again. 

It’s my blog, and I’ll be a weener if I want to.