I had a good first english christmas. It didn’t snow, which is fine. I got a new pair of slippers, a newcastle scarf, too much money, and a book about the evolution of health and disease. I got my Grandparents a new radio, some socks, and gloves, and some shortbread biscuits from Scotland. I ate wayy too much on christmas and boxing day. Margery and les came over for boxing day and we sat and told stories, most of them I had no idea who was who, but thats ok. I told them about my recent trip to Scotland, and the look on their faces were priceless!!

So I am going to celebrate my NYE in Newcastle, and go watch the fireworks. It should be fun as long as I wear a sufficient number of layers.  All the other girls are going to make me feel severely overdressed haha. 

I just sent in my railcard application, so then I will be able to get cheaper train tickets if I am going to do all this traveling. 


Here’s a picture of my baking production for our christmas! Including cheese scones, Christmas cake, mince pies, lime tarts, and a  raspberry sponge cake! All in my belly! Image


Pre Christmas update

Oh hey blog, long time no talk.

Wow, so a few things have happened since my last post. I got rejected by Cambridge which is okay. the summer pretty much wrapped up well by taking advantage of the sun and going out to some beautiful parks and having picnics. Even on the wet days, we have been to a couple of museums like the mining museum. That was fun to watch the grandparents remember all the old pictures and things that were in their time.

I signed up for a gym membership a month ago to keep myself busy and off the couch with all my spare time. It happens to be in the old building that my grandfather worked in for twenty-five years!!

One day I noticed a sign that was advertising a new restaurant  opening up, so I googled it and saw that they were recruiting their staff the next day. So I went. Long story short, I got the job, went through the training, and started my new job as a waitress again. This gave me the funds to keep my gym membership, and buy a weekly bus pass. The gym was within 150 strides of the restaurant. The uniform was so silly. I had to wear a school blouse, an apron, a tie and vest, with a phanny pack. We also had these handheld tills to order people s food, and it was frustrating when I couldn’t find things on it because I was basically standing there in silence. HAHA.

That all got really old really fast. I once again have gotten myself into a boring routine. Only now instead of starting my day with heavy caffeine loaded music blasting speeding car trip to the gym, followed by scrubbing horse-flesh, I have to wake up early just to get ready, leave the house an hour early just to make sure I get on the bus on time, deal with hungry people, then go to the gym.  Bleh. We’ll get back to this in a bit.

I had been to Scotland several times now. The first one was for a ticket to see the nitro circus live I bought way back in the summer. It was really fun. I took the National express up there which was gorgeous because I got to see all the pretty river and fields while the sun was setting, and it all just looked so perfect. I finally got to the Eurohostel where I booked my one night, which also happened to be just down the street from where a helicopter fell onto a pub a couple of days before my arrival. I dropped off my bag, and went down to get a drink before I was to head off to the show. There was some guy already standing there, and he started asking me what I was doing up in Scotland. He bought my drink, then I tried to understand what he was saying, which didn’t go so well. There is a Glasgow accent, then there is a drunk Glasgow accent. Not happening. Anyway, I told him that I had to head out since I was walking to the hydro. He stopped what he was doing, gave me a £5 note, told me that I should take a taxi to avoid getting stabbed, walked me outside, and flagged down a cab for me. Wow. The show was great, I went to sleep at about midnight, then woke up early to take advantage of my gym membership that I can use most of the different locations. The Bus ride back felt like it took four times as long. I was definitely ready to go home.

The second trip to Scotland was to visit a friend that I had met at the Tough Mudder when I first moved here. He told me that his company was paying for his room at the hilton, and that I was more than welcome to crash on the couch rather than spending money at a hostel. I know, RED FLAG, but I was too excited at the thought that I could go swimming, use the sauna, while he was at work. oops. My grandparents were laughing and making room service jokes when I told them. They are the best grandparents in the world. I love them. Anyway, I got to Glasgow, Met my friend at a pub, then we walked to the hilton and hung out watching tv. Long story short, he tried to make a move, and I made my point in the nicest way that I was having none of his plans. Then for the next two hours I got to play therapist listening to his whole stupid life story about how girls always rejected him, he hates his dad, he used to cut himself, he drinks a lot now, he went to juvenile detention for bashing his childhood bully’s cat’s head with a bat, he hates his body, he hates his voice. People are crazy. And why do I always get stuck listening to there problems. always. even when I came out of the bathroom he was standing there waiting to wash his face because he had punched himself and caused a bloody nose. What the hell?? In a way, I wasn’t really surprised. haha So rather than leaving in the cold night to go to the eurohostel, I slept on the couch, with one eye open. Since he had to go off to work in the morning. I turned down his offer of going down to get a free breakfast, and he was on his way. I stuck around for a bit, then I stole the candy bars, bottled water and orange juice, and a large bath towel, and made my way out of there! The elevator door opened, and off in the entrance was crazy-face standing with his co workers waiting to get picked up. I quickly walked behind a column and hid there until I knew he was gone. then off I went. I walked around Glasgow for a while, ate some Muffins and waffles from a local cafe (I know) then decided I wanted to go to Edinburgh. I got on the next train, walked up to the castle, saw the sign for the hostel my sister stayed at, and booked a night. I wandered around the town and ate panninis (I Know) and Ice cream that was AMAZING. The only person staying in the hostel room I was in happened to be a Colorado native. he looked like Adam Sandler. It was his last night in the UK since he was going home for Christmas after traveling for two months. We went to the local pub, and were talking about Denver, and everything we miss such as camping, campfires, big roads, and so many other things. He wasn’t crazy, it was so peaceful. Then the next morning, I took advantage of the hostel breakfast and had cereal and TWO PB&J’s which I realized I haven’t had one in Forever. I felt so happy!! I then set off to Aurthur’s seat, which just added the happiness level because I also haven’t walked up a hill in forever. By the end of the day I had walked so so much. If I bought a ticket back to Newcastle for that night or the next day, it would cost £58. Yuck. I already bought my£15 ticket to Newcastle that left the next morning from Glasgow, So I decided it would be cheaper just to go back to Glasgow for the night. I got in contact with my Glasgow friend, and since he happens to own a barber shop, he let me sleep on the couch there, to save a hostel booking. I learned from the best on how important it is to save money 🙂 The bad part was that I had too much to drink, and his coworker shoved this huge box of truffles in front of me. She and I sat there eating chocolates till I was brown in the face. Then I woke up at six A.M got on the train, and went home.  Oh yeah, then went to work.


My grandparents were laughing hysterically at this adventure of mine.

Going back to work was hard. I already had the thought in the back of my head that I needed to move on. The only reason I was trying to make a living in Gateshead was that I could spend time with the Gparents , but I’ve just had enough. This also happened to be the worst shift. The new cinema was open, people were there but in a rush, I was doing well with taking orders ut the kitchen was very behind. People were demanding their bill, and leaving before the food or dessert was even out. The manager told me that I wasn’t doing very well today, and to get my act together. I was also on the closing shift, so There was a whole list of things that needed to be done. When it slowed down, the manager started sending people home. Then I would take over their tables. I still had people to look after, yet somehow I was supposed to get started on filling all the sauces, filling all the salt and peppers on every table, wiping down trays and tray stands, cleaning menus, bringing the outside furniture inside, polishing cutlery, folding starter cutlery and more. NO WAY. We close at eleven, and there were still two parties there, one that was of 12 drunk women that had made a huge mess with christmas poppers and napkins everywhere. The table was littered with wine glasses and bottles, spilled ice cream, and apples from the host stand that were dunked into the water pitcher. The Manager asked how far along I was in the closing stuff, I told her that I needed to start doing cutlery, and she gave me this sad look and was like” oh your going to be here all night” also in the back of my head, my granddad was waiting for my call to come get me because he didn’t want me to take the bus home that late. So there I was, at midnight, polishing knives and forks, waiting to roll them into napkins and continue with the rest. The manager came out and was telling me that we can go over all the things that I am supposed to do. I put my polished fork down and said. “I think you should save your energy because I am done being here..” or something like that. I told her basically that I was tired of Gateshead and wanted to leave, she understood and said that I could leave. 12:38 and my granddad still came and got me.

I have decided That I need to start with a clean slate this new year. I need more adventures rather than being worried about jobs and gyms, and I don’t want to start a routine again. I feel like eating junk food was my escape from the painful feeling of being so bored, and it has taken a toll on me. I feel so lousy, my hair and skin don’t look great, and I have developed cold-like symptoms. don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to splurge on Christmas cake, mince pies, and other gluten loaded treats, but I need to get back on the paleo boat and prepare for a new year! Only I think that I need to keep peanut butter in my life, it’s the best.