I had a good first english christmas. It didn’t snow, which is fine. I got a new pair of slippers, a newcastle scarf, too much money, and a book about the evolution of health and disease. I got my Grandparents a new radio, some socks, and gloves, and some shortbread biscuits from Scotland. I ate wayy too much on christmas and boxing day. Margery and les came over for boxing day and we sat and told stories, most of them I had no idea who was who, but thats ok. I told them about my recent trip to Scotland, and the look on their faces were priceless!!

So I am going to celebrate my NYE in Newcastle, and go watch the fireworks. It should be fun as long as I wear a sufficient number of layers.  All the other girls are going to make me feel severely overdressed haha. 

I just sent in my railcard application, so then I will be able to get cheaper train tickets if I am going to do all this traveling. 


Here’s a picture of my baking production for our christmas! Including cheese scones, Christmas cake, mince pies, lime tarts, and a  raspberry sponge cake! All in my belly! Image


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