2014 Advedtures- London part one

P1020328 P1020330I decided the new year should involve more exploring, so I left Newcastle and headed to London. The train ride there was pretty quick ince I was submerged in my book that I got for christmas about the evolution of health and disease. I got to London, and walked to the hostel, and of course got lost. Too bad I wasn’t actually lost, I just walked past the building, twice. I eventually got all settled in, took a nap, and then headed out to explore. I walked into the Camden market area where there is a river going through and a few cool shops (that were all closed). Then I decided that I wanted to take the Tube somewhere. The nice tube worker got me all set up with an oyster card so that I can just top it up and not have to buy tickets places. I took the northern line then switched to Victoria, and wandered around SOHO. Then it started to ran a bit so I headed back. I stopped in at a restaurant up the street that had a band playing, and sat and listened to that, then called it a night.

That morning I as woken up by the girls that were snoring extremely loud. I figured it was getting close for me to get up anyway, so I lowered myself from the top bunk, got ready, then saw that it was one on the morning…oh dear. then t six in the morning, the fire alarm went off, and we all had to stand out on the street while the fire brigade came to figure out what was wrong. everyone seemed to go back to sleep, but I got ready, had some coffee, and went on a run around regents park. I was almost back to the hostel when I realized that I had left the key to the lock on my storage bin in the restroom in the park, and Check out was at ten, and I wasn’t sure what actual time it was. UGH. So I went to reception and she gave me a saw. There were two people still sleeping in my room while I was hacking away at my lock. Then of course, I cut my finger. I got all my stuff, got changed, and went and had another coffee along the river while I tried to gather myself for the day. I decided to walk to the hostel that I had my next booking at, and stopped at a market nearby and had a delicious chicken curry and sat in the sunlight while I ate it. Then I walked back into London crossing over primrose hill, crossing a bridge, walking past the eye, over the other bridge, walked past big ben and Westminster, through SOHO, to euston station. then I decided it was time to get on the tube since I was not up for walking back to swiss cottage.

So now I am hiding in my cool little bunk that is covered with curtains and my own lamp, resting my feet. I have arranged to meet with Vivian on Friday to go to lunch but I am not quite sure what I will be doing tomorrow.


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