London part two

Today had less issues! Thank goodness. I walked up the street to find a cafe to get some breakfast, then stopped at a posh looking fruit/veg stand named artichoke. I got a type of pear that looked like an apple, a couple carrots, a real apple, and a plum. all for£1.87! The pear apple thing was amazing. I took the tube to london bridge and made my way to the borough market. I started with a cup of delicious coffee from Monmouth Coffee, then went to town on all the delicious local food. I am sad that I did not book into a self catering hostel, or I would have liked to get some of the random veg that I never use like the wild mushrooms and the other weird shaped plants. So instead, I had a few cookies, and a panini from the place I went to last year! Totally worth it. I had to force myself to leave. It was bad. haha. Then I walked along the Thames through all the fancy apartment and restaurant blocks, past the imperial war museum, and the nice bridges. I wanted to see what the new convent garden market looked like, and after all the mess of having to backtrack and make my way into the actual grounds, it was closed. oh well. Then I walked past the old energy plant, which was very impressive looking. I eventually made it to battersea park,  walked past the running track, and then saw Jessica Eniss doing some sort of photo shoot. sitting on a park bench. I eventually crossed the Albert bridge, walked through Chelsea, and went to the Natural History Museum. They had a section dedicated to human evolution, and I was able to follow the timeline and comprehend what it was talking about. Thanks book! There were also huge skeletons of dinosaurs and whales and a bunch of rocks and gems and other things. Pretty cool. Then I walked up the street to the art museum, looked at a few things, then carried on up Brompton Road. Stopped in at Harrod’s to see what it was about. It was about having money, so I left. I turned left at Harvey Nichols, went through Hyde park to Marble arch.Right on Oxford, left on Baker,Park rd  to Finchley Rd, to swiss cottage at Palmers lodge where I was staying. When I got in, I swapped out my flat shoes to my running shoes and went for a run around hampstead. Tomorrow I WILL make it to parliament hill athletic park, my navigation skills have taken me in all the opposite directions. darn.  Now I am sitting here on this nice leather couch in the common room wearing the slippers my grandma gave we from her river cruise, and I mapped my route from london bridge to the hostel. 9.8 miles. Minus the backtrack in Lambeth, the breakfast walk, and whatever jumbled route I just ran. Thanks Borough market, thanks a lot. 

But I still probably consumed more energy than I used, and according to my book, It is going to lead me to obesity, and die. Haha. 

I Booked a train from London Paddington to arrive in Hungerford around 7:30 to meet with Jeremy and Marie. I can’t decide on if I am going to walk to the station from the hostel, or drop my bag at the station (£9 eek!) but I also need to use up the rest of the money I put on my oyster card for the tube ( which is way easier to use than I thought,)…which I am sure will be easy. I will probably use that to get to Bond street to meet Vivian so I don’t look windswept and exhausted. Good plan.  


2 thoughts on “London part two

  1. That was quite a ramble you went on today. It was fun picturing all the places. I have never been in the Nat. Hist. museum and always wanted to visit the Imperial War museum, wish I did that instead of the Tate Modern last time. Glad to hear the book is meeting with your approval, and even proving useful. Did you run around Hampstead Heath?

    • I think I did. It was dark by the time I went out for the run, but the signs seemed to point out that I was there. I for sure got some inclines in. Looked like a nice neighborhood. You would have much preferred this museum than the Tate modern. there was so much stuff.

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