Field Trip #1

I was having a lazy day, trying to stop procrastinating my run, and was able to make plans to head back into London tomorrow. The plan is to spend some time with her Thursday, and spend the night at her house. Then I will be able to get up early to go to the equine referral hospital of the royal veterinary college. (aka RVC ERH) I will be able to spend the day there, then head back to lambourn the same day whenever I finish. So that’s Thursday and Friday booked!

I eventually forced myself outside, and ran to the old cricket pitch right across the street from Valley Equine. I did some exercises, then noticed that there was a public footpath hiding in the back of the park. I got to the top of the hill and saw in the distance packs of horses getting their exercise. I decided to go back because I had been out a while and didn’t bring my phone. When I got back, Jeremy had news that I would be able to visit the vet hospital!! So I took a shower, had a cuppa’ and was on my way. 

It was great. My explanation of who I am was a bit here and there, but all the girls were very nice. They invited me to stay and watch a procedure that was scheduled. I was there for a good two hours and one of the girls took my phone number so they could call me if they get any emergency surgeries or scheduled interesting appointments! yay! 

The vet that I met today, was born in England, grew up in Virginia, and came back here to practice. She knows a lot of the people at the ERH-RCV and said that they were all very friendly. I am looking forward to Friday!

AND I finally got an email from the FEI world equestrian games group, and scheduled a phone interview for Tuesday next week at 9:30 to be a volunteer at the Games this August/September in Normandy! I applied to this back in November…I also applied to a Nike retail store in Edinburgh shortly after my adventure there, and they called me for an interview next Thursday…which I will not be attending. No thank you. All I need now is the RCVS to get off their rocker and do their job!!! One of the interns at the clinic I visited today said that I should have no problems getting automatically qualified by the sounds of my work and school experience. Fingers crossed…


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