Field Trip #2

I underwent a one day experience of what it is like to commute in London. Holy cow. 

Jeremy took me to the train in Hungerford and I made my way from Paddington to tube to Pinner to meet with Vivienne. She picked me up outside the station and we went back to her house. We had lunch, talked a lot, and looked through old photos of them family, including a photo of Jean’s grandfather! I came across my new favorite picture of grandad, and enjoyed siting and reading a vogue magazine drinking a delicious chai tea while she went to pick up her husband Andrew from the station, followed by Andrew’s brother’s wife who arrived from Singapore. We all went out to a lovely steakhouse just down the street. Vivienne kindly woke up early to take me back to the station around 7:15, and I was so proud that I caught every tube/train/shuttle bus to make it to the Equine hospital ten min early! (9:00 AM) The campus was beautiful! Loads of huge modern looking buildings, a great big horse statue in the center, and plenty of green. The Equine unit itself was very nice. It had three knock down boxes, leading into the prep hallway, then two surgical theaters, both having surgeries scheduled for that day. The surgeon who was supposed to be ready to start was in a meeting, which made one of the lecturers upset. ” I am fed-up with him, I’m off to have a cuppa tea and some Valium” very different terms than what I would hear. So collected too. As the day went on, two colics were being sent in, and a wound.It was very busy, and there were students everywhere, maybe one or two trying to be helpful. I helped the head nurse tidy up some of the rooms, including scrubbing the walls in one of the knock down boxes. It was like a walk down memory lane!

By the time I was done, the head nurse informed me that they were short staffed and they would soon be looking for an equine nurse. She asked me if I was interested in this position, so I asked her about accommodation and some of the details, and basically I would have to find somewhere to live, but be close enough to get there quickly if I were to be called in. She told me that she wasn’t worried about what the RCVS had to say about my qualifications since I would always be under supervision anyway and it looks like I have ” great experience” on my CV. she also said that I am more than welcome to come back and visit anytime or stay for a long amount of time/seasonal work etc. Then I made my journey back to Newbury where Jeremy picked me up.

The funny thing is, I never sent them my CV when I inquired to visit the hospital….is it just floating around the vet hospital world? Even one of the surgeons told me that he was glad I was here visiting. I don’t know what secret language is on my CV, but it makes me really surprised by the amount of praise I received for my accomplishments. 

I have made a pro’s and con’s list in my head, and several ideas of how I would like things to unfold. If I typed it out, it would make no sense. So all my readers (all three +/- one or two) will have to wait and see how things unfold!! Plus the fact that making executive decisions is my weakest link. HA.



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