Salisbury and Oxford

This weekend we went to Salisbury and walked around the village, and saw the cathedral that is home to the tallest spire in the UK. It was very pretty, and the sun shined through the middle arches and made everything look nice. I didn’t go into to see the magna carta, and we also did not go to Stonehenge (I think if you have seen one pile of rocks in a circle, you have seen them all.) We had lunch at a  nice local cafe called Bill’s. Jeremy had a fish finger sandwich, Marie had butternut squash soup, and I had a duck salad. We all really enjoyed what we ordered. The town was very nice, while Jeremy and Marie went to take care of the dogs, I wandered around the shops and did some window shopping. I actually tried on a pair of tall boots, but put them back. I think if I am going to invest in some nice boots, they should be a nice pair that will last. Anyway, I bumped into Jeremy and Marie on the street and we decided it was time to head out. They got some nice looking tea cakes from the local bakery.

Today, I went for a run around the Lambourn way and did a nice loop that went up a rolling hill, to the left, and back down into the city. It was such a great view. So much green, and the fog was starting to break. Really nice. Later in the day, Jeremy had a doctor’s appointment in Oxford, so I went along with him so that I could explore the city. It was very nice. I can see why they did a lot of filming in these old buildings and green areas. I walked past the Eagle and Child, and the Randolph Hotel where some inspector morse had been filmed. I also went to the Bodleian Library , the Radcliff Camera, Trinity College, and other places where Harry Potter scenes had been filmed. The city was very busy for a Monday afternoon. There were all the regular big named shops, but off the main roads, there were plenty of local shops, bookstores, and cafes. I saw the castle and the mound next to it was pretty odd. I don’t know the history of why it’s there. I was a bit early when I came back to where I was to  be picked up by Jeremy, so I browsed around a bookshop. There were several people sitting drinking tea while reading, and there was classical music playing. There were a few books that I read bits of the inside that I think that I would need a dictionary to learn new words. What do you expect, it’s Oxford. ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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