Full Speed Ahead!

I had a great trip to London for my interview. I was up early to get ready for my commute there, and the taxi got me to the station in good time, and I arrived into london around 8:20. I walked down Euston road to catch a train from Kings Cross to Potter’s Bar. I snacked on a pre-made flaxseed pancake on my way to the station. Yum! I walked past platform 9 and three quarters, and got on the train. I made it to the clinic with ten minutes to spare. I was greeted with a how cup of tea that I needed desperately! There were three people involved in the interview, and we were talking for almost two hours! I could go on forever talking about what actually went on, but I won’t. They urged me to keep on the RCVS to find my qualifications. I was able to just now get in contact with them, and I was also sent an email in regards to what they have decided. Pretty much what I expected. I am to take a practical (not the written thank goodness) exam before I can register as a nurse. Not bad, considering that they could send me through a lot more hoops.The exam costs £262, but, it was discussed during the interview that if needed, the college would pay for any expense in my route of becoming an RVN! There are four testing days in the year. One in March, July, Septmeber, or December. After looking at topics that are in the practical, it will be better for me to aim July/Septmeber. I  seemed to have forgotten about how to position small animals for radiographs. Shucks. I sent off a few questions to the RCVS regarding other things that I may/may not have to apply for (just to make sure I am following all the rules) 

I made my way back to London, and checked in at a hostel about 200 yard away from Kings Cross. I got some veg and chicken from a local shop, and cooked my lunch at the hostel. I called uncle stephen to let him know how things went, then I took a nap. I didn’t sleep for too lang, and I decided to go out and wander around. I took the tube, and wandered around piccadilly and soho. I was able to get in contact with Graham about meeting for lunch for tomorrow in the Borough area at a turkish restaurant. Since I was traveling light, I just had an extra t shirt to wear while I slept. Then It was back into my interview outfit the next morning. The hostel room was about 100 degrees and smelled like feet, and I was woken up early by the room next door blasting techno and using their hair dryers. I set off to walk around before meeting with Graham and Christine. I saw alot more sites this  time, and it was great showing up at the London towers and it being pretty much empty compared to a hot summer day full of tourists. The weather was pretty good for early February, and it only rained once! I crossed the river on the London Bridge, and I walked past where I was to be meeting my relatives. I sat at a nearby coffee shop to pass some time. 

Graham and Christine were really nice people. I have been so lucky that pretty much all my family members have been so friendly! Graham showed me some old photos of Eddie and Mary, and young mom in her swimsuit sitting by them 🙂 We talked about their children and all the different things they do. Their daughter is a doctor who wanted to be a veterinarian and their son is a lawyer but does locum jobs and spends his time traveling the world. He just recently came back to the UK to pick up his ski’s. I told them how everyone was doing, and they were very interested in Jenny’s travels and time in the Ukraine. The Lunch was delicious! I indulged in having bread with the yogurt dips, just delicious. I can’t pronounce what I had, but it was a lamb dish with onions, veg, and spices. We all shared a bottle of red wine, and had a great time. We said our goodbyes, and I walked along the Thames, past the Tate Modern (dad’s least favorite attraction) and crossed the Hungerford bridge, making my way up to Euston Station. 

I have mastered my train skills! I was able to use my return for a peak time because of my railcard, and the next train to Piccadilly was conveniently in 20 min with only three stops! The platform had not been assigned yet, so I went to take care of some businesss, and as I was walking back, they were just announcing that the train would be on platform 4. I could see the surge of peopleheaded my way that I was standing in front of the entrance to platform 4. I was ahead of the game! I was able to get a good seat, and we were off! I had just realized that I left the remainder of my  spinach, shallot and avocado in the hostel fridge. DAMN!! Anyway, the train took off, and I took my feet out of my shoes to let them breathe. I had been wearing these tiny flats that are not suitable for walking. I dozed off to sleep, and when I woke up, I looked down at my feet, and just noticed that there was blood all over my toes and the inside of my shoes. I don’t think anyone noticed…

After making my way back to Chorlton in a taxi during rush hour traffic, I had him pull over early because the cost was so high!! I could walk faster than sit in traffic! I was greeted by Stephen and Twinkle, an I went upstairs to soak my feet. Then I spent the night with a bin next to me since the Turkish lunch (or something) decided that it was coming back out the way it went in. 


So I have had a bit of a delay getting started on this process, but now I am strapped to my computer starting my room  searches, RCVS stuff, and stuff. It’s all go!!!!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


3 thoughts on “Full Speed Ahead!

  1. Katie, you buried the lead! They offered you a job right? I am so happy for you, really stoked. Do the kids still say that? Should be really interesting living just north of London. “Bright lights, big city, gonna know my name” Gary Clarke Jr. a belting song you-tube it. Really surprising to see you wearing those itty bitty shoes and especially in winter, that outfit cried out for some stout boots!

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