A Weekend in Newcastle

left Manchester early Friday morning to catch a train to Newcastle to surprise my Grandfather for his 82nd birthday that Saturday. we caught up on all the places I had been to and done, and what they have been up to since I left. Saturday we went for a nice lunch in Seaton Sleuce and walked around as much as we could stand the wind. We made a trip to the Blagdon farm shop and had some tea/coffee, then made our way back. The day was actually very long! By the time we had been home, watched England beat Scotland at Rugby, watch some Olympics, and Skype with my mom and dad, it was only about 8:30! But we were all exhausted!!

Today I started packing up my big red bag with the remainder of my clothes and random things that I did not bring with me on my trip from January. I forgot how much it weighs when full! Plus the addition of my 10 pound kettlebell, haha. I am now moving pictures on my old laptop onto a thumb drive so that I can soon get rid of this one properly. I forgot how many good hiking pictures I took, and it made me a bit homesick. But I have so much more to explore and do while I am here, so I need to keep looking forward! Especially now that I  have a job!

I am headed back to Manchester tomorrow, along with the rest of my stuff. I hope it won’t be too much of a painful journey!

Here are some old pictures from the old laptop! mixture of random places and things!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageexternship 2013 069 externship 2013 078 for sale 003 for sale 028 for sale 053 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI


5 thoughts on “A Weekend in Newcastle

  1. I made the blog! I have blog stalked you today! You are doing so many amazing things!!! I am so excited for you! I need to check this out on a regular basis! 🙂

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