The Big Move – Manchester to Potter’s Bar

I made it! Things could not have gone more smoothly. And not one drop of stupid rain, NOT ONE. 

I was having issues finding a third party luggage courier willing to move my over sized big red bag. So it finally dawned on me the bring in the big guns, and call UPS. I scheduled a pickup, they showed up withing the time frame they said, and it was on it’s way. 

Moving away from the story for a second, I was looking for the proper dimensional measurements of my bag and watched a video advert of my bag and how great it is. Strapped to the side of a yak, being dropped of parts of Everest, ect. Makes me want to go on my Mont Blanc expedition! See for yourself!

Moving on, so I still had plenty of things that I brought on my own. the morning of the big move (yesterday) I powered up with my usual flax pancake, and ate my lunch before I left so it was one less thing to carry. I left the house at 11 to catch the 11:55 to Euston station. The bus into Piccadilly was awkward since it was way to early to take of my backpack that I had all perfectly adjusted. I also had my purse around my side, and a big bag holding my duvet and some sheets. So I sat there for about 25 min in a crouched bent down position till I got to my destination. I then trekked my way to the train station. This was the roughest part of the trip. I was trying to make my way through the row of seats to find my seat and the luggage racks. Isla had given me a yoga mat to take with me , and it was sticking out just a bit to far on the ends, so I was forcing my way through, probably hitting a few people on my way…really glad I had my headphones in. I just did not want to hear about it!! Did I mention it got really really hot in that 5 min time frame?  So It worked out that I put the duvet bag in the back of the train car luggage rack, and my backpack at the front of the car, my large puffy jacket and yoga mat went in the overhead storage. Phew.  About five min out from arriving, I walked back and fourth retrieving my things scattered about the train car, and stood at the door, waiting to get out. I made my way with all my things to the tube, and made my way to Finsbury park to get the train to PBR.  I tried to get through the tube ticket barrier and ended up just throwing the duvet bag over to the other side, ad going through sideways in a very forced motion. After that, it was smooth sailing fitting on escalators, the tube itself, and getting out ( thank goodness for the disabled entrance barriers.) All the stairs were really testing me though, if only watching the Olympics counted as exercise, shucks. Waiting for the train to PBR, I was talking to the ticket/security person about America, and I fully convinced him that California was a million times better than Florida…even though it’s obvious. I boarded the train, stood by the door because it was a bit tight, and arrived into Potter’s bar where my new landlord, Richard, was waiting to give me a lift to the house, thank goodness!! We took all my stuff upstairs, and I sat and had a cup of tea, meeting his girlfriend, Anna, and talking about my job and stuff. She was headed out to see her horse, so she gave me a lift to the college, and just as we got into the car, a UPS truck was arriving at the door, with the big red bag! Perfect timing! The driver asked ” I hope your not taking all of this on a hike with you!?” he offered to carry it to the house, but I took responsibility of carrying it since I made it so heavy (30 kgs) Richard offered to take it upstairs while Anna and I headed out, so I don’t really know how that went. Haha. 

I showed up at the college, signed some papers, gave my bank number, emergency contacts etc., and got my official start day of this Thursday at 8:30! I will be getting my sizes for my uniform and stuff! wee! 

So for now, I unpack, make a list of random things I need, get groceries, and relax!! And the sun is still shining!


5 thoughts on “The Big Move – Manchester to Potter’s Bar

    • Very true! Yes, I have a big red Duffel bag that is referred to as a “Base camp duffel” because of it’s size and sturdiness. It went under the plane when I first moved over here. Very excited to get started!!

  1. Looking forward to the video of you strapped to a yak and flying off Mont Blanc
    Meanwhile…….have a good day tomorrow

  2. I’m so pleased it’s working out for you Katie. Keep us informed, send pics etc. Good luck and love you. Love Mum. PS Sketch is doing really well. Love him.

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