Back to work

My first day was smooth. Like always I woke up before my alarm, and started to get ready. It’s like getting put of your PJ’s to get back into PJ’s. I wore my Comstock Equine scrubs just because it’s my only pair I have/brought. Brought back good memories! But yes, I love jobs that require lazy clothes. Non of this ironing aprons and shirts and neat hair bullshit. That’s why vet nurse or personal/athletic trainer options will always be my bag of  chips. 

Moving on….


I left the house later than I wanted to because I could not find my house key, of course. The RVC shuttle bus stops at the Furzefield center, which is right at the bottom of my road. Since I am turning into a professional speed walker, I made it there with plenty of free time. I have to catch the 7:35 shuttle to get to the campus at 7:50, but I don’t actually start till 8:30, but the next shuttle will get you there at 8:45. Boo. Not important….

The day went well, I wandered around following the other nurses getting introduced to people whose name I have already forgotten. and tried to be helpful with little tasks. It’s annoying not knowing where stuff goes, but the general idea of what needs to be done is nice. Nothing like my first day at comstock. That was just straight deer in the headlights for months on end. I was sent on a lunch break, and I hid in one of the rooms eating a can of mackeral, then I was in the real break room getting my tea, and chatting with the girls who work there. I went and got a temp Id, my work email set up, and went back to theater. I will have my own locker in the theater changing room, so I can have my own croc like shoes and not have to wear the wellies. So I changed into my sx scrubs, went into the surgery room (one of two) that was in the middle of a colic surgery, which ended up being euthanised due to the amount of dead bowel, and the prognosis would be poor for recovering from a resection. Since this is a vet school, and there was no longer a need to keep a sterile field all of a sudden the crowd of students all slapped on some rectal sleeves (Long sleeved gloves) and gathered around like vultures to feel around and talk about things. I was busy trying to remember the names of surgical equipment names, so putting things away was a process. then I was done. Two surgeries took all day? Welcome to a teaching hospital….

I have a bit of the deer in the headlights feeling going. But it will all come back to me, with some freshening up. AND I have access to the campus library!! Wee! And at the cafe, you can fill a crate with eggs from the farm! Im sure its way cheaper, and good quality yay! And I get my own uniform soon. woop woop!


3 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. Spectacular first day. The description of the students donning rectal sleeves and swooping in like vultures was particularly good.

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