First full week, well almost

I don’t really know how I would describe my first week. All the drugs have different trade names..well except Buscopan, Adequan, and Gastroguard…but that’s pretty much it. I have to find the tiny little words on the box/bottle to figure what the drug actually is. The needle color code is different too. WHY!?! all of them are different. And the syringe capacities are different too. 2.5 mL? Really? Not a big deal. I am pretty much starting from scratch with everything. I know how stuff works, but I don;t know where things are, who uses what, what do they use for this/that blah blah blah. So instead of being able to go of and do things on my own, it’s a mix of standing and watching, or going back and fourth asking questions. And I HATE questions.. 

The good news  though, I have been able to accomplish a few things on my own. this includes folding laundry, bringing things that need to be sterilized to the QMAH to be sterilized, sweeping and mopping floors, and filling out information discussed at the morning rounds meeting. And I scrubbed a joint for a Carpal tenoscopy. Yesterday I helped restrain a horse for a bone scan. It lasted about 3 hours. Today I helped with three CT scans. The images that they create are really cool.  For the bone scan, you have to follow the horse to and from it’s stall to the special Scintigraphy room with gloves, boots, your radiology gown/thyroid guard, and the special urine bucket on a stick ( because you need to catch the radioactive urine so it’s not all over the place.) For the CT scan, the horse is brought into a room, lightly sedated, then walked down to a platform next to the CT. The platform is powered by gas that lifts off the ground a bit, kindof like a hovercraft. But first, the horse needs to be standing square and at a perfect distance (pending on height) away from the edge and the head placed on a tray inside the CT machine so that all the crosshairs match. This isn’t making sense. Oh well. Anyway, the gas is turned on, the horse is hovering on the platform, and the CT machine moves the horse back as it scans the head. Pretty neat! Both the bone scan and the CT require a good balance of sedation, because if they are too light, things won’t get done efficiently, but if they are too drunk, they wobble, and there is too much motion int the image! 

The surgeries are wayyyy different too. It takes days longer. DAYS. 

I guess tomorrow is payday, but since I started when I did, I will be on the payroll for the NEXT payday, and since I have an adult salaried job, It will be the beginning of next month. But I will survive!

I have a big to-do list for this weekend, and I need to plan my bus route to get it all sorted. JOY.


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