Sunday Funday

Work has been going pretty smooth. A few bumps here and there, but it will get easier with time. I am excited that I can setup the gastroscope all on my own, Including all the wires, working the tablet, and properly using the machine to clean it. We did a scope Friday where we saw a bot worm encysted into the lining of the stomach…eww. This week I will start getting introduced to the on call work. I am not officially on call  ( I still don’t even have a bike yet…or a paycheck haha) but I will get picked up on the way when someone gets called in.

This weekend was great. well, apart from the fact that I come home from spending the day rock climbing with new friends to find out my mom has been admitted to ER with fractured ribs, a broken collarbone, collapsed lungs, and awaits news if she needs surgery….Poor Mom! I called dad right away and he assured me she was alright. 

But apart from that sad news, I finally had the weekend I needed. 

Saturday, I got up, did some half marathon training ( ran 10.69 miles) and took the train and tube to the Westfield shopping center in Stratford, which is right by the Olympic park. So awesome. Definitely planning on having a night out there. Then I got home, and had a movie night with my roomate, Sophie. we shared ice cream and popcorn, and when Lisa came home, she had leftover homemade cake with Nutella icing that I could not turn down. Great night. 

Today, I went to a rock climbing center that is inside a castle!! It has bouldering walls inside and out as well. I did some good bouldering routes, and we all did some climbing up the walls. We had lunch in the cafe in the castle that makes most of their food from their veggie garden outside. Just perfect.  Then we almost had some local cider at the pub across the street but the beergarden was full so we tried the pub at the vet college ( yes there is a pub on campus) but it was shut, so we called it a day.  

Then I got the news about mom. Boo.

I might go swimming tonight. I have a swim only membership at the leisure center down the road, and I have gone a few times, and I think it actually helped with my climbing today compared to previous climbing sessions. 

Anyway, I needed this weekend to officially feel settled in. I don’t feel like a tourist, or a visitor, or left out. It was just right. AND NO RAIN!!! 


In other news, let’s talk about paleo. 

I have modified the way I eat since I since I started working at the college.

I will save whole whole novel of a story for another blog post, so to summarize, I re-evaluated what my goals were in life, and realized that what I thought of being healthy, was really hurting me. I want to swim, go outdoors, do half marathons, give triathlons a try, go rock climbing. I was not getting the energy I needed for all of this, and I was not going to drop hundreds of pounds on extra meat/veg when another answer is right in front of me. So I decided to give everything a rest. 

Cutting the long story short again, I have added grains and other carbs to my diet. Rolled oats with chia seeds and honey, yes please! Some quinoa or chickpeas with my meat and veg, and my favorite snack in the world – peanut butter! And if I want a sandwich or chocolate digestives or nutella cake, I have it! No guilt, no explaining to people that I don’t want things, and a happy body in return! Everything in moderation is key. I still pretty much follow the eating real food concept, but I also want things that make me happy. Since this switch up, I work monday- friday, lift weights 5 days out of the week, swim three nights a week, and run 10-12 miles on a Saturday. I feel alive and active like I used to be, and I don’t binge eat or even crave carrots/nuts/fruit/ simple sugars that would be a short pick me up from being so tired. 

Am I against now paleo? No way, I just got my priorities rearranged. Different lifestyles/bodies/people have different needs. Like I said, I will have a designated blog post for this because I have a lot to say about it. But for now, I am going for a swim!




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