Mother’s Day! (UK)

I sent my mom flowers for mothers day. Too bad that the US mothers day is MAY 11th. She deserves a double mothers day for what she has been through though. Since it is the English mothers day, there are a few people who are NOT my mom who I  would like to give a special thanks to.

To my Grandma, Jean. She took me willingly into her home, and allowed me to take over her personal space for a long period of time! She taught me how to properly iron things, make a loaf of bread from scratch, assemble the perfect victoria sponge, pick berries for a homemade pie, and of course, bake some killer scones. I dedicate these fresh out of the oven scones to you, Grandma!!


(a small glass works surprisingly well as a cutter)


Another person who I would like to say Thank you to is my Aunt Isla. She gave me a lot of support both with finances and great advice of how to go about starting a new chapter of where I am now. She ( and uncle Stephen of course) put up with my mood swings of dealing with trains, luggage couriers, not having the perfect pair of running shoes, and my individualized cooking scheme.

and a special thanks to both families for dealing with my cooking of brussels sprouts and garlic in the morning.


Yesterday I went to Brighton!! It gave off a lot of San Francisco like vibes. Only£10.55 return to get there too! It took a while to get there, but it was worth it, seeing the beach and all the different stores and people. I met up with Graham and Christine and their son James and we all had coffee in the garden right next to the Pavilion. I can’t believe that one of the those mansion looking buildings was only the stables! I walked around, went onto the pier, and then made my way back home. Now I can mark South coast of the to do list! Christine said that a short bus ride east out of Brighton will bring you to a beautiful rural part of the coast, next time I will try doing that. I still have Devon and Cornwall of the to see list, then I can compare them all.


I don’t have any photographs of Brighton because I forgot my camera, and my phone battery died while typing a sentence to Graham to say that my phone might be dead, just after I boarded the train. I still forget that I need to switch on the power to the electrical outlet so that it will actually charge…..duh!



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