Why I shouldn’t have a Blog

I think my blog runs out of space for my pictures, then I add more, and it puts them places they shouldn’t b, like in the beginning. And I am way too lazy to fix it.


Anyway, I forgot to add pictures like what my walk to work looks like, well, on a nice day. And maybe a few more random pictures. Okay bye!

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Life Across the Pond

P1020540 P1020539I think I can say that I have officially settled in. I have been taking advantage of when the weather is good, and trying to not complain so much when it’s poor! I just got back from a little shopping trip to St. Alban’s with Sophie. We went to the Breakfast club cafe that makes American style pancakes. I was talked into getting the “All American” and I was stuffed. Sophie got poached eggs with hollandaise and a strawberry milkshake. We were both very satisfied. We walked around one of the parks, and then came back along one of the little streets and found a really nice hotel with a patio next to the river…we will be doing our research to have an afternoon tea!!


The other weekend, sophie and i revisited Cambridge, and that was also very nice! We had a nice lunch by the river, and walked around a bunch enjoying the greens and shops. The weather was a bit cloudy though, oh well!


I also spent and afternoon with some family friends in London. Simon and Philip!!  I met them at a fancy Bar near Waterloo station, where a gentleman told me that my shoes were similar to what peasants wear in Barcelona….cool. We had some coffee at a nice little cafe in St. Catherine’s dock, then walked around through the Borough market. It was just shutting down, but we managed to still swoop some cheese samples from some of the stalls. Winning!!


I also attended the Lambourn Open day with Jeremy and Marie. It was great, and the weather was perfect. All of the beautiful horses, cottages, mansions, stables, and a surprising amount of friendly people. We got a lift up to one of the nice stables from the mother in law of the stable owner! and at the top they were serving sandwiches and drinks. So posh! I saw loads of big winning horses too. It was a very good day. I have about 500 pictures of horses too.




Saturday after open day, I took the train back to London, where I met my friend Jordan, one of the Interns at the college (with a thick Glasgow accent) and we wandered around, talked, went through parks, stopped inside St Pauls cathedral ( Jordan took pictures while standing in front of the no camera signs…she does what she wants. haha) then went to the Borough Market. After we enjoyed a  bit too much, we tubed it to Camden and she got her nose pierced as I watched in horror. I HATE needles. Then we enjoyed some cider and music in the camden lock area, walked through the stables market, then tubed it to Angel (lslington?)  Where we met Vicky and her friends. It was a fun Night.

Monday, aka my Birthday was fun. I went on a long run through all the yellow fields, over the little footbridges, bumped into my flatmate who was riding her horse, and she gave me much needed directions to get back to the house. Then Lisa, Sophie and I went to the Hypermarket which has an M&S and a Sainsburys right next to each other, and we got supplies for my party. We made fajitas, had tortilla chips and salsa, cookies, cake, Ben and Jerrys, cider, a pitcher of mojitos, and a pitcher of PIMMS. Jordan and Sarah and her boyfriend came over and we all talked and played spoons and other silly card games, then called it a night. It was a good day.