Eurovision 2014

You know your having a productive Saturday when Eurovision is on. 


Lisa’s boyfriend is over for the weekend, and when I mentioned that i had seen it on the tv guide, he got super excited, went to the tesco, and returned with ice cream, wine, and popcorn.I guess I can add this to my “proper english things I have done” list.

I went to a comedy club last night in London, and it was hilarious. SO MUCH SWEARING, but it was a good laugh. Lots of Scotland jokes, and northerners jokes (I laughed, sorry grandma and grandad!!) Finally heard some proper london accents. The words “innit”, “bruv”, were flowing. 

Going back to right now, barney is explaining the history of eurovision, and what I should do to get my driving stuff out of the way. Boo. What and unproductive Saturday I am having! I have my Theory test study book, and have read up to the second page. I also need to start studying for my vet nursing exam. Boo. And since I am officially have a contract at work, in need to do all the fire training, and random health and saftey reading, and other stuff that I dont ever seem to have time to do.

Yesterday I had a pretty bad homesick spell, so sad!

I am a member of which sells discount brands of outdoor gear and other cool things, and Nike Fuel bands came on sale, and I had a 30% off voucher, so I ended up getting this cool fitness gadget for $63 vs $150! The only problem is that they dont ship internationally, soooo mom and dad, there is a package for me coming to your house around early june. Anyway, I needed to pay for it with my american bank card, so I dumped out the contents of my “America” file, and out comes my old phone and it switched on. So naturally, I read through old conversations that were on it, and all my photos I haven’t seen in ages. Tahoe, funny things at work, random horse guts, and other stuff. Then it was time to walk to work. In the rain. And not just rain, POURING rain. So I got there, soaked, so that my shoes were squeaking with water pushing out, had to get going straight away, and I didn’t have my extra happy smiley face, so people wouldn’t stop asking me what’s wrong and are you sure, which is the WORST. Then I cheered up. I hate how much my mood is dependent on the weather.  

Anyway, I finally went to the doctors a few weeks back to get a check up, and I requested a blood test because I have been concerned with a few things like my hair, my low energy levels, and other stuff. Got my test results a couple weeks back, turns out I have Iron deficiency anemia. Cool. So now I have to take Iron pills three times a day. So I think in a month or so, hopefully I can start seeing results ( I still laugh at when mom asked me if things were better now…the day that I got my test results and not even started taking pills yet, wishful thinking.) 

I am excited that my Half marathon is almost here!! One of the farm vets at work has a friend that is a student at University of Edinburgh, and she is letting me stay at her flat that weekend while shes away. I haven’t even met this girl, but she said I would be doing her a favor since she needs someone to feed her cat. Then I get to see the grandparents afterwards!! 

Tomorrow is the US mothers day, dear mom, I have your gift in progress. I has been such a process, but I think you will like it when it finally makes it to your house!!


And now for my full attention to eurovision….bye! ( I just asked if Canada was in the competition….oh dear.)


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