EMF Weekend

It’s finally here!! I am half excited, half not bothered. I guess signing up for this eight months ago made me think about it way too much, and I am ready for it to be out of the way! That sounded miserable, I really am excited to go back up to Scotland though.  This morning I decided to look at when my train leaves etc. All of my waiting around, and I didn’t even book the simple shuttle bus tickets, now they are sold out. Darn. The girls flat that I am staying at is a 47 min bus ride out of Edinburgh (59 stops to be exact) and I think I am going to need a taxi to get back to the start early Sunday. After the run, I just have to get on the shuttle back into Edinburgh then leave from the station to newcastle. I think the actual running will be the shortest part of the day. hahaha. 



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