Catch up part two

I decided to take a break from doing my blogs. But since today I am not really doing anything, I figured I would play catch up.

Yesterday was a great day out with the roomates. We went to Kew gardens, and the sun was out the entire day! Amazing! I have also seen some more markets and cool places in London. I almost had another day trip to Brighton, but train repairs got the best of me and I walked around London some more.

I have finally passed mt theory drivers test and am taking my practical on the 15th of September.

Work is, meh.

To be honest, there are more bad days than good. It’s pretty boring. But the other day, I did win a bet against a student on the outcome of one of the patients, and he had to bake  me a cake.

It’s an ongoing routine of getting up, walking into work, ready for a good day, good attitude, full of energy. By the time I am walking home, Im upset, frustrated, and want to just go home. When it’s busy and there is a lot going, its fine. For example, my Thursday night on call I ended up having worked for 24 hours due to three colic surgeries. Its not very rewarding when they all die though. And when I am on call, I find random places at work to sleep because I cant be bothered to walk back in the pitch black and the bike I was borrowing lost its pedals.

Its almost time to go to France! I am excited to be a part of the world games, although I haven’t gotten any information about where I actually need to be.

I have some thinking to do. I have a to do list of places I want to do in England and Europe, and  when those are all completed, I think it will be time to come home. I feel like I can accomplish more of this, and within a reasonable time frame, if I am not being held back by a silly job.

I know I sound like a spoiled brat when I complain about my job that a lot of people would love to have. I remember when I came to visit the college, when I left I was thinking to myself about how I probably wouldn’t like to work there, then they offered me a job and I took it. My opinion hasn’t really changed. I have been there since February and I still haven’t bought a bike like I said I would.

I really need a better work life balance. When I was at Comstock, I would have way more good days than bad. And I was working really hard. Then I would hike up in the mountains at sunset to blow off some steam or just relax. Or go soak my feet in the river by my house. Not here. There are pictures of me being out places with freinds, but that like once or twice a week. When I am not there, I am sitting here in front of my computer, or the television downstairs. Boo! Basically, I think that I need to do my to do list, have another round of visiting family, and come home.

On that note, here’s a picture of my Thursday night/morning ( sorry for the hand gestures, it just seemed appropriate at the time hahaha)Double Colic


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