Catch up!

Here’s the post I saved about my half marathon a couple months ago when my blog decided to not cooperate.

What a great weekend I had!

Friday night I went to a comedy with lisa. Just a small one in St. Albans, and I even got picked on from the back row. I don’t get it. 

Saturday, I gathered my things and hopped onto the train to Edinburgh. I brought my theory test study manual book with me for some light reading. Luckily there was a great view out the window due to the nice weather. I finally made it up to Edinburgh, and took a cab to Penicuik….the plan was to take the bus, but it would take 48 min to get there (59 stops, if you will) and I would be looking for the “key under the bin” in the dark. So the cab was much faster. The driver was talking to me about being left handed, the laws of attraction, veterinary medicine, and running. I got a ten pound discount! Hoorayy! I found the keys after a bit of confusion, dropped my stuff, walked to get some groceries, and cooked a delicious chicken pesto pasta for dinner. By the time I was eating, it was about ten thirty…probably a bit late. The flat was AMAZING. So nice, and clean, and modern. And Fred the cat was extremely friendly, and hungry (but I was warned hes a big liar).. I sat around watching the Coldplay live from Glasgow concert while playing with fred and his mouse on a string toy. I coulndn’t stay asleep very much that night, so I got up and got ready so I could catch the 5:46 bus back into Edinbugh. I had a delicious stack of premade american style pancakes with a load of maple syrup. The bus fare was only£1.50!! and it didnt stop 59 times…


So I was at the bag drop way too early so I stood around, chatted a bit, stretched a bit, ate a few skittles, and drank some water. I then decided to drop my stuff, which meant I had to take off my jacket, boo. I still had about 30 min till the start, when all the heavens opened up and it was pouring it down. I was getting soaked, and it was so so cold!! I was telling myself that I wasn’t going to run and I was going to sit somewhere. But then my logical side of knowing that I just had pasta and pancakes and skittles told me that I better be running 13.1 miles or Id be in big trouble. So I hid under a tree. The big drops of rain were much better than the showering of the wide open. 

Then the countdown to the start FINALLY happened, I leaped out of the bushes, and made my way in the crowd past the start line. For a while the pace was like turtle speed, but then it got to a point where I could move past people. I think that I gave the wrong projected finish time, because I was passing people the whole time. I was told its like that most of the time anyway. I can;t remember how far through the race I was when there was already these anorexic looking men walking back with their finisher shirts and medals. SO FAST. 


I could go on forever about all the details of the run, but I won’t. It was a sprint to the finish with this guy who tried to get past me. My inner track and field came out, and I left him in the dust! Then there was the finish zone getting my medal, a chocolate milk and a few skittles later, I was walking the 2 mile journey to the shuttle back to Edinburgh (the finish was in Musselburgh… I spelled it wrong..) I found out later that that was the shuttle that organized people had signed up for and paid for online to use.. and it was sold out. Oopsies! Since I made it back of the shuttle in good time before the train, I walked around the city center for a bit. The stairs were a bit tough this time around, and I stepped in a huge puddle, submerging both ankles, just before I got on the train, which was the wronf one I bought tickets for. I made it into Newcastle where I was picked up by my grandad, and we had a nice dinner, and I passed out on their new recliner (part of the three piece suite) We spent Monday morning enjoying the sunshine and catching up on everything. It was great to see them, and they are off on their cruise soon! I got back on the train, got into Potters bar after having to go into London first, bought some groceries, and walked home. Luckily, I didn’t have to cook my dinner because they were all doing a takeaway order. I haven’t had a takeaway in forever, so I think after Sunday, I am allowed (Just keep telling yourself that haha) So I had a delicious prawn pad Thai with some veggie spring rolls. I wasn’t really sore or anything. I think I was more sore from sitting on trains forever. 


Hooray for payday tonight at midnight!! And a four day work week!! I am going rock climbing with Jordan Saturday, and a yoga session, then going into Camden town for the night. Today was really fun. the entire pedal and rod of my bike fell off, and I walked through the mud pits to work. Then after setting up for a surgery, they decided they couldn’t do it, Since that was really the only thing on the schedule, I spent the day cleaning and organizing. Then A pen exploded in the boiler suite and I am still trying to get off my hand. hahaha good times. 



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