This week is space

I decided to get my attitude together this week.

Monday, I was on call (so I don’t have to be at work till 1:00 pm) so I got up, got ready, walked into town, and bought a bicycle. Boom. After waiting and not making my mind up for what I want and not committing, I walked out with a bike. Actually I did about an hour later because he had to build it. Its just a normal hybrid bike, no suspension and way too many gears.

Tuesday, I had arranged to use some of the extra hours I earned with doing inventory and extra cleaning/organizing for out RCVS inspection to have only a half day of work. A few weeks back, I purchased a Wowcher deal for a color and cut in Knightsbrige for £39 instead of £200. I got ready, and changed into what I would wear to a yoga class, because I also tried to arrange to take a free yoga class at one of the fitness clothing stores I am a member of. Unfortunately I signed up to late and I was on the wait list, but at least now I had an excuse for what I would have worn anyway. I got there a bit early, so I roamed around Harrods, and I got lost. Honestly couldn’t find and exit. I finally escaped, and made my way to the hairdressers. He was a bit swamped so I told him I could come back a bit later. I went into Harvey Nicholl’s and had a pot of tea, and sent photographic evidence to me mum. It was supposed to be a girl cutting my hair, but she had to go to a funeral, so the owner of the business cut my hair!! I got told off for letting it go so long without a cut. Then a girl from Made in Chelsea came in!! She was asking about a flat he was advertising to let, and then she left, in her personally driven car. After the hair was all done, I ventured to Whole Foods, spent way too much money (Made me feel like I was back at home haha) and made my way home. I had several messages from my roomates asking where I was/ if I was okay. That’s how often I leave on a Tuesday I guess.

Wednesday was not as succesful. I had recently signed up for Pilates, and my first session was at seven, I was supposed to leave at six, but didn’t end up leaving till nine thirty at night. And since I reschedualed it not 24 hours before, it counted as a class. Darn! But the good news is that I now feel more confident in hitching up the flatbed trailer and bringing a euthanized horse down to the post mortem building and hoisting it into the refrigerated room. My job people, my job.

Today was better, Good news, I am no longer anemic according to new blood results, they didn’t tell me what to do as far as my 3 times a day pill, so I reduced it to one. Then I made sure I was out of work at five because I had rescheduled Pilates at seven. On my home, I got my first flat tire. But these polish people across the road at a car service waved me over screaming they have air. Oh geeze. I let them put air in it, knowing that it wasn’t going to hold…it didn’t, so I said thanks and was on my way. Now what I will be doing tomorrow morning before I start my joyous weekend of being on call.

speaking of joy, I have been experiencing joys of living with a billion people and their animals. I seem to be annoying the landlord that I put my bike in the garage, i got told off that I  will ruin cars paint jobs if I lean my bike against cars (against a rusty land rover, for two seconds, really?) Then there was a group email sent saying to not lock the dogs outside in the morning because they will whine and it wakes him up. But I locked them out one time this morning because they are incredibly annoying and I would like to not have to deal with them on my way through rooms. I should start cooking garlic and Brussels sprouts for breakfast again( sorry grandma and grandad!!). That will show em. I won’t. Ill just complain about it in my blog. Much better.


One thought on “This week is space

  1. Katie, your life is never dull! Post a picture of your bike! And tell those dogs to shut the F*** UP!! I love reading about your life, I just wish I could see or talk to your face!!!

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