Happy Friday!

I don’t have too much planned for this weekend. I do need to pickup a few things for my FRANCE TRIP that is getting closer and closer.  Sunday I am going to the garden shop with Lisa and her sister for the £2 tea and scone deal. Then Next weekend I am headed up to Manchester for a visit and driving lesson in the soon to be mine Fiesta (pending if I pass) .


I signed up for the fancy gym down the street. I figured if the shortest contract I can do is 6 months, I may as well start now. And I got the RVC discount. Woop.

I have two induction sessions. My first one was cardio, the second is weights tomorrow. I don’t think joel was ready for my excitement. I was taking through almost the whole thing. I climbed stairs, rowed, and treadmilled, and just wouldn’t shut up. I was really out of breath for some parts, but that’s good. And I finally asked for a body fat test because I never knew what it was, and I am currently at 16.5% which really surprises me, since I feel like I am at my peak flubbery state, but I fall into the “athlete category” but sumo wrestlers are athletes….

I have become obsessed with quiche. I had a really good one at this little bakes goods stand in Kew, then I had two little ones today from the cafe at work, I got my meat and veg box delivered today (did I mention I get a meat and veg box delivered to my work? And I put it in my roomates car so I dont have to carry it home?) and this week I got Chard, courgettes, and basil (and more) so I used that and the eggs I bought from the cafe plus some cottage cheese and just finished baking my crustless quiche. So simple.

I’m going to go eat it now. Okay bye. Have a FAB weekend.


Here’ some light reading: an article I read lately about nutrition. Surprise surprise.

How to recover from “Clean Eating”