I had a great time in Manchester for the wedding and it was fun to finally be a part of a family occasion.





I had my last day at RVC and had some homemade scones with jam and cream and was given a nice card signed by most of the staff. Then I went home and made margaritas for dinner with Sophie.

I finished up packing yesterday morning, and went into London to another local coffee shop before my departure at he victoria coach station


It was called kaffine, and they had an amazing selection of salads and Sandwiches. I had a chat with the staff about France and snowboarding, then headed out. My backpack is so much easier than the red bag!

I took he national express to swansea, then trains to Narbeth, where I got picked up by Jordan, and had some yea and went straight to bed. My bed for here nights in potters bar was a pillow and my big parka that almost worked like a sleeping bag since I left everything I’m Manchester. Anyway, Jordan lives on site at cotts equine in narbeth, and it’s a nice house shared with other vets and interns. We went out to the coast his morning and had a walk on the beach and fresh crab sandwiches!!




Now I am going on calls with her to get some good views of the area.
Tomorrow I get to borrow her bike and cruise around!! But for now, I am a shadowing vet student from UC Davis. And extremely intelligent.


One thought on “Wales

  1. Dad and I always had a great time in Wales. Enjoy! Next time we Skype we’ll tell you the names of the hills we climbed, because I can’t remember how to spell them:)

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