I decided to explore a bit today and was going to take Jordans bike into Tenby, but about a minute on the bike, I realized I was way too short for it…so I ran to Narberth with a detour due to my navigation skills. I love this phone! I just should have checked it earlier. 


I made it into the town of Narberth. It was so nice!! The classic bunting and flowers and nice shops everywhere.there were local seafood and fruit and veg shops, and a Spanish food shop that looked very good.  I saw a few nice pairs of boots too. I took the 381 to Tenby and it took just as long to get there as the predicted time on a bike.. but it was still a nice view.
Tenby was gorgeous. I walked along the beach, up stairs, through back lanes, and took in all the sights. I enjoyed a seafood risotto looking out the windows to the coast. I Walked along the beach again, stopped in more shops, then made my way back to he house.






  The bus back stopped at a school to pick up children. Lucky me.
Finally made it back to Narbeth and walked along the grassy shoulder back into Cotts.  Not one drop of rain!!


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