Rain, rain, get lost!!

I have been lucky enough to stay with my cousin Vivienne and her husband Andrew while waiting to go in for my interview in Godalming.  They let me use their gym equipment and cook delicious dinners, I am very lucky to have such a nice family. I honk this whole England experience has been amazing with me just being able to show up anywhere and I get looked after so well. Thanks everyone!!

After my long journey back from Wales I basically just went into pinner, ate, and slept. Sunday I did some exercise and went into London to do some shopping. I managed to get all the special ingredients from M&S , and got my boots back ghat I ripped up at the wedding. I am traveling light, and gave my converse to a barefooted homeless woman. It’s also a half effort to start wearing smarter clothes. I didn’t think transporting pre made tart shells on the tube would be so stressful. But they survived even after a few run ins with clumsy people!


It was fun putting them all together. Though I didn’t take a picture of the end result, and the cool wooden board with a handle that I served them on. The puff pastry took a few tries, but it worked out eventually.



I also made mini mozzarella balls wrapped in parma ham that had a basil lemon and chili maranade. 

The trip there was uneventful and the interview was pretty mug like masterchef.  my wooden board put other plates to shame. And then there was a surprise cooking task where we were brought to a kitchen and asked to make an omelette.  Dad would be proud of my skills. I used goats cheese, spring onion, spinach, and garlic because it was there. And a garnish of course. The others all looked like something that a sick cat would produce. I’m not competitive.

I was disappointed that it was pouring with rain the entire time I was  down there. And even with my jacket and umberalla it was unbearable to roam the nice little town. But I’m going to Portugal tomorrow so watever.

For now I will enjoy my last local London coffee shop coffee. Last one for a while at least. Time to travel!


Oh and this made me laugh!



6 thoughts on “Rain, rain, get lost!!

  1. So the omelet lesson finally paid off. Hot pan, the right amount of almost smoking oil, keep it moving and folding in the edges, refill the outside with the liquid from the centre. Add filling and slide on to a warm plate.

    When we skyped on Sunday I clearly forgot to ask ” Are you going to Portugal on Tuesday” otherwise you would surely have mentioned it. Enjoy another place I have never been, along with Alton Hants.

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