Porto, Portugal

This morning seems so long ago. I said my goodbyes to the nice people at the lemonade hostel and made my way into Lisbon. I thought  I would want to look around the city for a bit, but stood outside the station and thought I should just move on.

I was going to try to reserve a seat and activate my interail pass to go to Madrid, but apparently all the trains out of Portugal are booked until the fourteenth. Cool.
So I really did not have a plan of where to go, so I looked at the departure screen and took the next train to Porto. People at the hostel said it was really nice and work seeing. So three hours later and I was in Porto. Walked around for about an hour…nothing. There is nothing here!! What do I do now? How do I get to the airport and all the flights are expensive. Do I really have to go back to Lisbon? I figured I might as well stay  a night here and leave tomorrow. 

So I looked up where  a good hostel is and tried to follow he nav to get there. I eventually had to laugh because I would speed past this family, then repass them after every wrong turn I made. I finally made it. Turns our I was walking around in the ghetto of Porto. Now I was in the historic section, all the wine bars, designer shops, fancy and the river front were all in one spot. He hostel is really nice and I was lucky to have booked the last available bed from walking in. The rooftop terrace view is very pretty!!


So I dropped my things off and went for a walk about. I went through gardens, little alleyways, parks, and back along the river.






They were hosting a fifty kilometer run the starts at ten, so there was a bunch of fit people all over the place getting prepared. I decided to cross the beige and walk along that side of the river. It started to rain. Cool. This side of the river has the majority of wine bars, and a lot of them looked really posh. Then I sat under a tree and looked out at the lit up city.


I got back and sat in the hostel getting my next move situated. My flight leaves tomorrow around ten pm so that gives me time to see more of the city. I guess there is an ancient market and a park where jk Rowling had some inspiration for harry potter…so I need to see that obviously.



6 thoughts on “Porto, Portugal

  1. I too have received an email……and can assure you that Porto parto two-o
    does not yet exist….wine may be involved ,Watson/Holmes

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