Porto, part two. (Take two)

I wrote a draft in a non wifi spot and saved to post it, and now it gone. Ugh!!

This will give me somehing to do now that my flight has been delayed an hour.

I had the usual free hostel breakfast this morning. Bread and jam, juice, tea, coffee and cereal. This hostel was extra fancy and had Nutella! I sat on the terrace reading a book I picked up in the mini library. Then I showered and checked out. I wandered the streets again looking at all the buildings museums and churches. The library I wanted to see was shut! This one has spiral staircases, tiled ceilings, and books and ladders everywhere. Darn




Then I walked into a bird market. People just selling birds and fish…



I made my own lunch at the hostel. Salmon with spinach onion and red pepper. All for under what I would spend on a fancy coffee in London…


I wandered around some more, then hung out at the hostel making more plans, then made my way to the airport. I paid fourteen euro for dinner and I have RUINED  my budget. why didn’t I look at the prices!? Damn Damn Damn. 
Anyway, Porto was very nice and surprised me after I found the nice part of the city. The food and accommodation are cheap, and the transportation Is super easy.


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