Genoa for breakfast

I sat at the table in the hostel planning my next move and I was getting so caught up in all the different things I could do, I was starting to get a headache.

So I put on my shoes, and went for my speed walk tour of Genoa. The fresh air cleared my head, and was instantly able to figure out my plan for today. This hostel was in a good spot. Fortunately, the prostitutes has all gone home, and it was a normal busy day. All the shops were open and he vespas were humming around everywhere.  I headed straight to the pier. I have never seen fancy boats before. They looked brand new. People were buffing the sides and the wood floors, polishing the gold railings, and setting up the furniture. The pier itself housed MASSIVE cruise ships.

A man stopped me and put these wooden items in my hand while I was saying no thank you as he was telling me they were free but I can make a donation.
“Put it in your car you will have good luck”

I don’t have a car
” your house”
Nope don’t have that either
“good luck for you and your boyfriend”
Don’t have that either.

He looked puzzled trying to think of oher things while I was trying to give the wooden ornaments back he waved his hand refusing and asking for a donation.  So I put them on the ground and scooted away. He kept calling me Shakira.



So I went through the main city to get back to the hostel to get my bag, then headed to the station.




So this is what the station looks like…..



3 thoughts on “Genoa for breakfast

  1. No car no house no boyfriend no wooden ornaments….
    Beware of gypsies selling handbag straps….on to
    Pisa then Florence , I suspect…..I think we went to
    Bologna for the bolognese and prostitutes.

  2. Actually I think we were coming out of Italy
    so maybe they (the prostitutes )were French
    It was a long time ago and your dad was very, very…..

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