Naples by Night

I just arrived at the hostel in Naples. It’s got a bar, hammocks, and a big lawn.  My room is up two flights of stairs. Eww.

I wish I stayed a bit longer in Florence because it was super pretty. I have already met two girls from San ta Cruz that have been traveling for five weeks.i have only been gone one week and I feel like it’s been forever!

I booked tonight and tomorrow night, so hopefully will not see a train tomorrow. I thought about doing a small trip to salerno. But I really just don’t want to. It will be a day on the rail pass bot used…but I think it will be okay.


Naples so far….It has a squeaky clean metro station!



11 thoughts on “Naples by Night

  1. You must go to Pompeii, it is a short train ride just south of Vesuvius and it will probably be open on a Thursday. It was Monday closing day when Oncle Estephe and I were there last.

    • Oh now it’s open 365 days a year, they must have heard me whining for 35 years.
      Opening hours:

      From the 1st of April until the 31st of October the site is open every day from 8.30 AM until 7.30 PM with the last entrance being allowed up to 6.00 PM. For the rest of the year the site closes at 5.00 PM with the last entrance being granted at 3.30 PM.

  2. Isla now says go to Ischia island….Capri is just full of
    extremely rich and handsome men….who may influence you

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