I didn’t go to Pompeii.  And I didn’t get on a boat.

Don’t be mad.

I know I needed to take advantage of using a train journey today, but I just couldn’t. I really needed to stretch my legs. And I did just that.

I headed out to the busy part of the city to grab a coffee suggested by the hipster Italian hostel host, Alessandro.
It was called Mexico, and you stand at a bar while you are big served by the barristas that are wearing boat captain outfits.  And you get a sparkling drink to go with it. It was STRONG.

I hit the streets. I walked down to to port, then along the coastal path to the castle hay sits out on the ocean. Such a great view. Then I continued West through a park and up a windy switchback road to get a good view. It was so nice. I finally got that Italian atmosphere you get in movies. Windy small road, houses everywhere with rooftop gardens and pools, leaves and bright colored flowers everywhere. The cobblestone road and steps. And the smell of fall.

I made it to the top where I thought I would be able to continue to see the park and museum on the map, but in the way was a block of apartments. I asked a french lady on a vespa if I could get through. She said no but offered me a lift back down to the main street to take the furnicular.

I want a vespa.
So we zipped back down the zig zag road. The warm wind I  my face, and ghe pa or a mic view of Naples and the big blue sea.

I waved my rail pass at the furnicular guy and I don’t know if he said yes or no, but I got on without any problems.

The park was not really worth seeing but the area around it was a cute street with shops.  Then I continued up the road to another park that contained a big castle and a museum. And another great look out. I sat on a bench looking out at the world while I consumed two litres of water because I hadn’t had any all day. The I took a long course of steps back down into he city. The amount  of tint streets is overwhelming. One minute your surrounded by bunting and pizzarias and gelato and souvenirs, the next you’re on your own In an empty street. A lot of the main city is a bit grungy… I am a bit of a snob and like walking around the posh areas. Because I’m totally in business for Gucci and Louis vuoitton.  The best part is when you would suddenly appear in a huge open space With the most incredible buildings. I think I saw all the proper landmarks. And I went through the famous gallery that’s ceiling was so high and amazing.

I decided that I should eat some local food since I was in Naples and it would be silly not to. So I finally decided where I was going to go. It was the hardest decision in the world, too many options. 
I St down at a napolese restaurant a told the lady to suprise me. So I sat there waiting for my main course, and she brought me a plate of spinach with geese and capers thing with a side of yummy zucchini slices marinated in something good. Then she was putting stuff back in he case and randomly sliced of a quiche looking thing and put it on my plate.  That was also good.  For my main course I was give  ragu beef. How can something  so simple be made so much better than anyone else!!
I headed out, not following my meal with an espresso because if it was as powerful as he first one I would be roaming for another eight hours.

I had a scoop of pistachio gelato and headed back to he hostel. 

I bought a flight back to Manchester for the seventeenth of November, leaving from Geneva Switzerland. All I have to do now is follow my own path to get there.


4 thoughts on “Naples

  1. Oh that sounds like a spectacular day. A great read for us casual observers, cleverly disclosing the ending but not even the next step of the journey. I have a great picture in my mind of you on the back of a Vespa hurtling down a narrow street.

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