Rome, part 1

I took the ten o’clock fast train to Rome. It’s so annoying that I have to pay twenty euro for each train that is quicker than five hours to get somewhere… still better than  full price though.

The hostel was also pretty pricey.

But Rome is awsome. A lot cleaner than Naples, and you go around one corner and here’s another massive building!!

I officially can’t follow maps. I started somewhere, then took a few turns…and when I asked someone where I was, I was off  he map!! I walked back along the river, and the leaves had the fall color and we’re dropping to the ground. Very pretty!! I decided that I would walk to the Vatican since I was already on that side…It was massive, and the line to get in was ridiculous.





Making my way back, I stopped to eat at a cafe near the castle, and the server kept bringing me little desserts for free. He was so excited about California. There is a universal song…It goes

Ahhhhhhh californiaaaaaaaaa

That’s it.

Then I took a few wrong turns around the pantheon area and finally made it back to the hostel.

I need to go back out and see it all in lights…





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