Dubrovnik, Croatia

I left rome around six in the morning to take the 8:55 flight to Dubrovnik.  The best part was flying over where I was staying…All the islands and a good aerial view of what there is in the city. The shuttle into old town from the airport was good too.


Yep, that’s where I’m staying. Right at the edge.
I dropped my bag and went to the bar. Not usually something I do, but I mean…when this is your view


So the  I walked out on the footpath through all he fancy hotels and their beach side swimming pools and isolated ocean swimming. There are trees and colorful flowers everywhere.  It’s definitely a tourist city.





This bridge was on the other side of where I was staying.

Then I walked back to the bar…because this.



Out in the ocean is the sunset kayak tour, and I will be in it tomorrow!!

Oh yeah and the bar plays Adele and Eric Clapton on repeat. Another Alton favorite.


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