Dubrovnik part two.

First off, dear dad, sorry I was grumpy to you on Skype.  I was still mad at missing my kayak tour. I am back at the hostel and made my own coffee. I feel better now.

Moving on.

So…I missed my kayak trip. Because I was laying in the sun on this random beach I found. Look how happy I was!!



I should have jut used those kayaks. Boo.

I did a six mile walk from old town up to the top where the gondola comes and went  down the road way…and ended up walking on the shoulder of the freeway until I got to cut down into some stairs. Beautiful!!





Things I like about Dubrovnik.

The shops are labeled by the stretch lamps. And the streets are really shiny!



So I have run out of ideas of what to do. I really just want to head for the mountains aka Switzerland   but I would be a bit disappointed in myself for not seeing more.

I am NOW excepting suggestions.
The route I was thinking was
Dubrovnik- kotor- belgrade- budapest- fly to milan – train to Switzerland. 


Florence – Switzerland. 

I just   don’t     know.


14 thoughts on “Dubrovnik part two.

  1. Tomorrow the Moon enters Libra ….you must return to Florence….chill for five days….
    eat only Brussels sprouts…..and walk facing the wind….until the Moon enters Sagittarius
    ..(..Isla says Austria)….

    • Isla is a fortune teller! I am staying in Tivat till the twenty fourth the flying to Vienna. That’s he plan. The route to getting to budapest cost more than a flight to Austria. But I WILL make it there. Some people in the hostel were just telling me how great it is. Grrrr.

  2. Here’s an In MY Day thought.
    When I took off on my own across Europe for only three weeks in the summer of 1980 I don’t think anyone back home had any contact. This morning I spoke to Katie via skype with a full video link as she sat outside a cafe, inside the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik Croatia. Isn’t it marvelous what they can do nowadays.

  3. Apparently, Tim, Jenny has seen where Katie has been before we do.
    That would never have happened in our day.The whole family would have
    gathered together inside the city’s medieval walls for coffee and a slide show….

  4. Vienna is a great idea. Try to get to Saltzburg as well if you can, Mozart’s birthplace. Also, if you get a chance, don’t miss Venice. I know it’s back in Italy but …

    • I definitely want to go to Saltzburg and stop at Hallstatt a log the way. It’s like lathe Austria version of the lake district. I will probably not be seeing Venice just due to the route. I’ll save it for later πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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