Arriving in Montenegro

The trip there was so much better than a bus or train. Marin(the driver) is twenty two years old, and he is studying the restoration od old paper. He knows a lady who was hired to work on some documents in the Vatican, and the level of security was extreme. It was a better story than how I am telling it.

We stopped at a few places along the way and he pointed out special things about the area and gave us a chance to stretch our legs. And take selfies.



From left to right we have..ummm. (insert name) from Portland Oregon who works to find housing for people living on welfare and wants to teach English in Columbia. ..and not sell drugs. The  there’s Marin, then vlad (short for vladamir) who was born in Uzbekistan, lived in Florida, now lives in Oakland. I knew vlad was alright when I overheard him in the last hostel talking about all the tins of sardines he has eaten on this trip to keep his protein intake high. And he knows the nutrition facts about octopus. Protien  and B12’s
We finally made it to old town kotor, and went into the city walls where we dropped our bags at the hostel and went out for dinner. Picture menus never do food any justice, so I just had chicken and grilled veg.

After that we dexicded to do the hike up to the fortress since the weather was most likely to be bad today. It was really cool views in the dark with the wall all lit up, and the view of the city was pretty clear.



We walked Miran back to his car and said our goodbyes and thank yous. He wouldn’t except and money or let us buy his food because he said it would be akward. What a nice guy!!
Back at the hostel, it was packed and everyone was enjoying the free sangria and drinking all the local raikia. The atmosphere was like being in an old castle.


Then when people were either in bed or out on the pub crawl, Vlad and I raided the hostel kitchen and made scrambled eggs with someone else’s mushrooms and feta cheese. Label your food, suckers!


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