Change of plan

Today was kindof a lazy day. I walked around looking around the city. Outside the walled bit seems like a normal working city. Kids on their way to school, on their way to work, and he locals all gossiping outside the small cafes.


I decided yesterday that my route Was changing. I was invited by Ben and Vlad to go with them to Albania. It’s somewhere that I wouldn’t plan to travel to on my own, so I figured why not. And splitting a car rental three ways will be very cheap.  We have talked with a lot of people at the hostel finding out where to go, national parks, food, coffee. I’m excited for a new adventure. So the new plan is to take the shuttle tomorrow to Tirana,  and rent a car from there. Then travel through Albania and Macedonia, and eventually get to Athens, Greece. And on the 7th I will be flying from Athens to Geneva. Because I WILL GO TO SWITZERLAND!!!

Dad, it’s going to be fine šŸ™‚
And for he record, Jenny already knows all of this. Hehehe. 


8 thoughts on “Change of plan

  1. While I admire your bold plan I wish I’d never seen that movie Hostel, because this is exactly what happens. I am holding my breath again, despite your cute emoticon smiley face thing. Stay safe. Get a Swiss Army knife it has a tool for stabbing bad guys.

  2. Isla says the knife is very good for peeling fruit….
    ..and Enver Hoxha had loads of bunkers built all over the country
    due to paranoia…something similar to what your dad is exhibiting
    …and of course Isla has suggested Greece…so 3-0 to Isla

  3. Funny though you are more likely to get shot just sitting in a classroom in a well established part of America. Or mugged in a parking lot in a “safe” neighborhood in California. Or hit by a wreck less drunk driver anywhere. I’m almost certain I never stayed close to any sort of meth lab like there was just down the road in Gilroy. If you research the safety level of anywhere, I think you can find any answer you want. If you want to do research all day on things that could potentially go wrong, then that’s your choice.

  4. Another colleague at work won the lottery when it was at $392 million, the whole thing. Bought the ticket at the mini-mart/Subway right up the block from the office, where I occasionally stop by for a ham sandwich. So good things can happen too.

  5. These kind of exchanges often occur when the
    Sun ,Venus and the Moon all enter the constellation of
    Scorpio on the same day….a partial solar eclipse….
    a massive sunspot in the centre of the solar disc…
    hopefully there will be a huge coronal mass ejection
    which will knock out all communication devices on
    earth and we can sit quietly worrying in private….
    but that’s not going to happen…… is it?

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