Arriving in Albania

The bus journey was a lot better than I though it was going to be. I thought it would be twenty of us crammed all together for ten hours but it only took about four hours total.


That’s the border control for leaving Montenegro. Here is no control for entering Albania. Haha. It was a  flashback journey through Ukraine.Cows tied to the side of he road. Random empty building, and holes all over the roads.  He closer we got into Tirana, the more the traffic got out of control. People just do wwhat they want. He guy who drove us was said good luck to us and we all puked out of the van at the city center in the rain. Luckily, these Canadians had kid of looked at directions to the hostel and we navigated together through all these random roads. We got checked in and headed out for some lunch. 




I had a big greek salad. It was like they dumped a huge slab of feta on a bunch of onion and tomato. Really good. Then we wandered through the center past the history museum and a mosque. He prayer call went off and a guy was singing over a loud speaker. We went into a christian church, and Ben and I lit some candles and put then in with the others.

Then we went to a casino.




For dinner we went to the recommended albanian restaurant that we were originally looking for to get lunch.  It was a perfect Anthony Bourdain experience. The food, and the host who wouldn’t stop venting about how much he hates Albania and why he wants to leave and all of his problems. Vlad had a lamb head for dinner and it reminded me of disecting them in school. Bleh. Anyway, we finally made it back to he hostel and are planning our next move.



13 thoughts on “Arriving in Albania

  1. Moe at work just happened to mention eating sheep’s head for breakfast back in Iran.He said it was usually presented as just pieces of tongue and cheek. From your description Vlad’s lamb’s head seemed more anatomically correct. But it did give me an excuse to mention “my daughter is Tirana Albania and her friend Vlad…” So much material. We had a quiz at the halloween party Saturday night, nobody guessed that you are in Albania. Bulgaria was the closest.

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