Tour of Berat

I have never done a walking tour when I go to different cities, but since I have come into Albania, I feel pretty dumb about not knowing any history of pretty much everywhere. What DID I do in school?? Anyways, the guy Max at the hostel took me and Ben for a Walking tour around the city. It was great.

It was a bit of a mixture of retracing my footsteps from yesterday, only this time I learned the mea ing of so many things. And to start out, I was able to walk inside of a mosque even where women aren’t allowed. The city of Berat heavily believes in the ability to coexist. The fact that I respect their religion to take of my shoes before entering means it balances with their respect to me that I can enter their holy place without an issue. That didn’t make sense. Anyway, the mosque also had two starts of David imprinted on the entry outside. This was because way back in the day, the Jews were not allowed to build their own synagogue.  So the Muslims created this to show their respect. I really wish I could explain it better.  Max was explaining to us that “Berat is not an exporter of wheat, but coexistance, and we hope that he world will spread out belief and we can all coexist together”

It actually tickled my cold heart a bit.

Then we walked up to the castle again and I learned about how the red brick pillar was just old rubble was actually one of the oldest mosques and is a very important price of history.  I also learned that what I thought was an old run down apartment was actually an old communist hotel and bar for powerful people, but now converted into a christian church.  I learned so much today. It was great. I learned about all the consequences and things in the communist era, and he pointed out to a small village that still practices communism. And the mountain that had the word ” never”  spelled across it that used to say “enver” for the dictator in power.

We finished he tour at a coffee shop that makes the best turkish coffee in Berat. He made us try two different kinds and it sent me to the roof. This coffee shop was only accessible to very powerful communist people. Complain about it, and you will go to prison for fifteen years, your family will be moved to work in he fields, and your donkey would not be able to be used in a film, due to its owners poor reputation.

I picked up some groceries for dinner, and stopped for lunch at a crepe shop. For 150 lek I got a veggie crepe that was bigger than my head. Awsome!! Now I’m sitting on the patio drinking more coffee (bad choice.) And watched the sunset. Now the bridge has lit up and changes colors like red blue green yellow. It’s like Reno, but different.







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    • Looking back , I think ‘Change of Plan’ is my favourite episode
      ….the innocent opening paragraph….a photo…then..

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