Saranda, Albania

I left Berat early to catch the bus to Saranda. My first six hour albanian bus ride on my own.


So after a day in Tirana, Ben and I pretty much decided that we need to go back to traveling on our own. Basically, Vlad happens to be one of the most annoying human beings on this earth. Sorry vlad.

And I vow to never make a big fuss about having protein ever again.

I am friends on fb with a couple I met in tirana, and they happened to be in Saranda and said it was great. So I booked a hostel bed and made my way down.

The bus was funny. I’m pretty sure I paid way to much for the bus ride there. It was kindof like driving through a mixture of Henry coe and quicksilver park. Only with random people selling things on the side. It was all men and they were arguing the entire time, and the music was three tracks on repeat. I had my own so it was fine.

We finally arrived in Saranda and as I was coming around the corner, there was a man stood outside waving at me yelling my name. It’s the host Toni. I put my bag down and the couple who I spoke with and a guy George were about to leave to get drinks. They asked me if I needed a minute or if I was ready to go. Haha. So out I went. We were bar hoping along the promenade a d we watched the sunset at a hotel where he waiter showed us a picture of himself and Jeremy Clarkson when he came to that same hotel.




We all had about one liter of wine each and headed back along the promenade stopping to get some pizza. We were that rowdy drunken group in the restaurant. The best part is that is was six thirty pm.

Then we went and hired bumper cars.


I can understand why drunk drivers get less injured in a car crash then sober people.

Then we ate crepes at the shop below our hostel. Mine was Nutella, white chocolate, and nuts. It was heavenly.  After the crepes, then we went back to the hostel and watched team America on Georges laptop. Then a few of us went to sleep and the others went out for second crepes.

I woke up this morning and breakfast was already made for us. We all kindof talked about how to get different places and now we are on the balcony writing our diaries. I’m the only one not writing in a book. I just look like I’m texting.  Oh well.



7 thoughts on “Saranda, Albania

  1. Clapton: Layla, Adelle: Rolling in the deep, Annie Lennox: Walking on broken glass? No?
    What a fun post, all human relations and no history. The Clarkson photo cracked me up. Looks like another nice spot, great that you met up with old friends. Sorry to hear of Vlad’s demise. Did you get a photo of the lamb’s head he ate?

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