21 Hours to Santorini

Traveling without trains takes a lot out of you. We all set out from Sarande at about half past six to take the overnight bus to Athens. 

We were all pretty nervous about what kind of bus was going to show up, but the  this massive Mercedes coach showed up and it was fine. I don’t even know how the driver got the bus into the city. Brave man. Before we set off, there were people going in and out of the bus selling cookies and popcorn…We have in and bought cookies and they were awful. We watched a few movies off Georges laptop, and I tried to fall asleep but I just couldn’t find a good spot. There was also a young child sitting on front of me that was staring at me and trying to reach at me and I was not having any of it. Thank god it fell asleep.


This is an old viking village, FYI.

The Greek border control is run by snails.



Getting on and off the bus at two separate check out check in stops was like watching grass grow. And the four of us stuck out like sore thumbs. Especially when we would just all burst into laughs.  And I only have two stamps.

The bus stopped for one break then finally we go into Athens by six thirty.

The bus stop wasn’t actually specific on where it takes you, but we made it.
We got a cab to the ferry port and we made it just in time to make the seven twenty ferry to Santorini.  It was due to come in at three pm. Ugh. 

We ended up sitting outside because the inside was so full. It was fairly nice outside, and it was fun watching tourists (mostly one certain race) take the same photo over and over of the same thing. Over the course of this entire journey. 


I was holding out to buy food on the ferry but with two hours left I was pretty deletions, and probably quite dehydrated. I gave in and had lunch and felt so much better.



The ferry finally pulled in and there was a shuttle to the hostel waiting for us. Thank goodness, because we didn’t actually have a plan of how to get there. We dropped our bags, and had a light appetizer before we went and picked up groceries for a big stir fry. I was the first one to go to bed. I just couldn’t tackle another five liter wine box. These guys are intense.  Today I am just going to wander. I haven’t really gone for a good walk in a while. Or rent an ATV. 


9 thoughts on “21 Hours to Santorini

  1. Oh do please be careful. “Santorini is the most active volcanic centre in the South Aegean Volcanic Arc, though what remains today is chiefly a water-filled caldera.” (Wikipedia) Looks like a spectacular place.

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