Lucerne, Switzerland

I bought a new pair of shoes and a jacket at the athens flea market. I didn’t have a happy medium between cardigan and knee length parka. I walked around the streets and ate yogurt. Lots of nice rubble…




Then I left.

The anticipation for Switzerland has been present since I left for this trip.

I got to the airport and checked in with no problems. Well except the man controling the luggage belt who would move it back and forth to make me struggle to snap the straps together. Haha. Silly old man.

I felt like such a high roller on the flight. All the Ryanair and easyjet flights have made me appreciate legit airlines. I was on a Swiss flight and they served a hot dinner with dessert, and coffee and chocolate to follow. It was the best!!


I landed in Geneva and headed on the train to Lucern. I figured start high and travel back down. I also had written directions to the cheapest hostel on my hand.


I was on the slow train for the last change and got into Lucerne at about eleven pm.  I found the cheap hostel that failed to mention that it shuts for the slow season. So I went to lucerne backpackers and got really lucky to get help. The reception desk closes at eleven but he guy was still there finishing his chores. So he also couldn’t be bothered to deal with the system to put me in a dorm and put me in my own private room for the same price!! I haven’t slept in such silence in so long. And not to mention this was the view I woke up to.


From my private patio. Duh.

I booked another night because I think the price diferences were very little. Back to a dorm, though. 

I hot the streets of lucern and it was the farmers market. Lucky  me. So much fresh vegetables I haven’t seen, and the strudel were everywhere. And everyone just looked genuinely happy. Such a great atmosphere.



I looked around at some really nice shops in the old town, a d when I came back out, the stands were starting to shut. So I picked up some stuff and headed back to make  lunch.


It’s squash with grilled aubergine, egg, and a purple sprouted salad veg. With a boat load of fresh grated ginger. It’s a dish that is similar to one I ate at a Scandinavian grocery shop and cafe in soho London just down the street from my favorite coffee shop. I was missing capers and Rye bread. Oh well, good thing I had that cinnamon bread thing for breakfast .😆
Then I went for another wander. AFTER I BOUGHT A NEW BACKPACK.  I’m considering everyday of Switzerland a Christmas gift. But this was a souvenir.  I wonder how muh chocolate I can jam into it..

I had pretty good judgement on how far I walked, so when I came back into town in could watch the sunset from a bench. The scenery is just unreal. Well played lucerne, well played.



I just made my reservation for five nights in Interlaken a d will take the train tomorrow to get there. It’s a lot of time in one spot, and as much as I would love to explore every nook and cranny of this holy land, I need to be realistic with my budget. And interlaken is where I always talk about wanting to go. So here’s five days. Boom. And this hostel will have free breakfast.  Yeah!


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