Interlaken: Part one

I finished my breakfast and put on my fitness clothes.

They are a wee bit tight. Oops.

I walked to the rock climbing place, the  read the sign saying it opened at four in the afternoon. Neat. So I decided I would just head up the trail and if the weather  goes bad, then I’ll just turn around.





Then I got to Harder Kulm and decided it was a good stopping point.





I snapped a few photos, had a piece of chocolate, and headed back down.  But was the first one up because I met a few runners coming up the hill on my way down. Running, really.

I got down to the trailhead and went left and cross the last bridge that looks over at the east lake. I took a long walk past Jungfrau park, wich was shut. Then I came back through town, ate lunch and lunch a long hot shower. After I killed some time browsing in shops, I went to the rock climbing place. I basically need a climbing buddy. At least I looked.

I even went to the world famous hostel down the road to see if anyone was there. Just a few people sitting around.
I am contemplating going out.


One thought on “Interlaken: Part one

  1. Wear a pale pink coat and listen out for the lonely goatherd….
    yodelling…..or …..climb every mountain…..the hills are alive
    …there must be someone else there, surely

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