The Interlaken Express

I don’t think it would have been so easy to leave Lucerne if I wasn’t headed to Interlaken. But I feel like I sort of made the most of my short time in the city. I woke up fairly early and got my train ticket to Interlaken, then explored more of the city I didn’t see yesterday. I thought about taking the lift up to do some hiking, but the  train left at one and a rushed hike is no good.

I walked up the road where the cathedral, clock tower, and the walls to the outside of the old city were. There were bells in the background, the overcast clouds, smoking chimneys, and fall leaves just perfected the setting. It felt like Christmas morning.





I walked down into the center where the panorama and the glacier garden was. I stumbled upon the famous lion sculpture. When the Asian tourists finally cleared out, I snapped a few good shots.




I headed back to the hostel and made the two eggs I had left, then headed for the train. The Interlaken Express, if you will.

I didn’t take any photos of the trip because it’s something you need to do yourself and still shots just won’t do it any justice.

It’s magical.

I always wanted the full fall experience since California doesn’t really have seasons. This fulfilled my needs to the fullest. Going through tunnels, on the edge of lakes full of fishermen, fields full of cows, girls cleaning out there horse stalls with their fuzzy friends biting on their shoulders, the trees ( did I mention the colors yet??) The snow capped mountains,  the happy families, the  crisp clean houses and long pointy topped cathedrals. Just everything.

The  I was in Interlaken.  I found the hostel, wich happens to be part of a hotel. It’s pretty fancy, and the breakfast I just had was good too. The bathrooms are spotless and the rooms are warm. The top floor is basically all windows,  with the patio facing the spectacular mountains.

I window shopped as I walked to the coop grocery store and picked up stuff that hopefully should last a while. 


Maybe except this.

The walk back was during the sunset. I have been quite spoiled recently with so.e of he sunsets I have seen, but the smell of cooking mixed with old farmers herding their cattle down the street was entertaining. Walking with groceries makes me feel like I live here. Fake it till you make it.

The forecast for today is rain, but the next few days look alright.  There is an indoor climbing center just a block down the road. I might do some bouldering since I don’t have a climbing buddy. Unless they have the retractable lines. It’s 21 francs though. Oh well.

There is a couple sharing the bunk below me. They can’t just sleep in separate beds?

In other news, I have gotten my coach ticket for the 30th to leave to training from Reading. It’s not telling me where about I am actually going, or if I am coming back or starting work immediately after. I also need to decide if I want to opt out of the extra insurance policies it has me signed up for. I’m covered for medical, but for 15 pounds a month I can be covered for equipment and electronic damage, lost passports, and coverage for expenses if I need to go to a funeral. I’m thinking I should just have it.


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    • …..there is no mention at all of coffee…..and it specifically states that all the Asian tourists have cleared out….you’ve obviously not read this post

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