I have new Korean  roommates. I can’t pronounce their names. They remember everything I have told them, including my name.  Names that are more than two syllables have me stumped. Fail.

However, this morning I was extremely helpful. I showed a girl how to slice bread. I did it with my left hand though, and she was totally stumped.

I also shut the sliding door when it was left open. Twice.

I decided that I wanted to go to Grindelwald, so I hopped on the train (wich I had to wait an hour for because I tried to run to the station but got tired, and made it there one minute after it left. Fail)

I also ate a whole days ration of chocolate on the train. Dammit.

The train ride there was obviously magical, and I headed straight to the trailhead. After I stopped and had a coffe and yummy thing which I should know the name of since they were a big hit at the Austrian bakery I worked at. Why did I quit that job. Ugh. But yeah, I hadn’t been to a Swiss bakery yet, and what if it was closed when I got back?!


*dad, good luck at trying to figure out what the bill says*

So now that I was completely sugared up, I continued on my way up. And it was up. All of it. 


I wasn’t totally prepared for hiking today. But back in the day, people used to explore the world in jeans. And my bright blue shoes are semi clean again!
I was reading about walks in my lonley planet book, and made it to the hotel restaurant about two and a half hours up.  The weather was perfect. It was cool and breezy when I was getting hot,  and the wind at the base was mild, almost warm actually.


Then I looked over to the other side, and decided to just go back the way I came.  Bummer, but safe.



I took a lot of pictures. A few of them are in the hdr setting, which gives he photos much more credit. 


I got back into town, and thought about going to the UNESCO site. But I stood looking out to where the sign was pointing and didn’t see anything convincing. If it’s a waterfall, it was out of season.

Speaking of waterfalls, I thought that there were a bunch of them on the hike. Nope, just avalanches.

I rushed buying a ticket to get back and didn’t have to wait another hour to get back. I probably would have sat and ate chocolate for an hour.

I power walked from interlaken ost train station to the hostel (alplodge) because I think it dropped about thirty degrees during the train ride. I mumbled mean things at people blocking the sidewalk and  finally made it to the hostel where I went straight to the top floor to cook my dinner before anyone could take over the kitchen  to make a family dinner.  It was the best. Piping hot.  As I was finishing mine, some guy started cooking his meal. Boiling some noodles, and heating up sauce…..yum…

I can’t believe it’s only six thirty.  I didn’t go out last night, and it’s definitely not happening tonight!!


5 thoughts on “Grindelwald

  1. There were people on the sidewalk! I love the photo of the houses in the rolling green pastures below the mountain, that looks very Swiss and not like Lake Tahoe at all. Fantastic clif face with hanging valleys. Glacial landscape features was my favorite geography class. I had forgotten that worked at the Austrian bakery. You should send them a postcard. I am having flashbacks to that giant tray of goodies you brought back to Gilroy, hmmmm delicious.

    • Haha yeah. Guarenteed people traffic outside watch shops and the Hooter restaurant. If I still worked at Franz’s Backstube, I wouldn’t fit on the plane to leave the country. Definitely owe that place a visit upon my return, whenever that is.

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