Pebbles in the Shower

I have really enjoyed my stay here in Interlaken. Yes, the city is completely dead, but I have fully enjoyed eating breakfast and heading to the trail. Everyday.

Except yesterday. The forecast was for cloud and rain all day so this was my exercise.


What does half a day of hiking and thirty minutes on the track have in common? Absolutley nothing. Back in the day I used to glide. Now I’m like a block of Swiss cheese being pushed along a grater. Just kidding it wasn’t THAT bad. I couldn’t engage my core when sprinting.  Today, it let me know that I did something though.

After my morning sprint session, I took the bus into Thun.


Of course I went to the castle. And of course I had coffee and cake. I have a free bus card from the hostel so I may as well use it. And the bus ride there was a winding road on the side of the lake going through massive tunnels.

Today I did my last hike 😣 I went around the back of harder kulm, and back the way I came exempt the way back I stuck to the main road because I just wanted a different route.




I got picked up by an old man in a fancy BMW and drove me to the bottom of the mountain. top speed. And I was back at the trailhead where I started.


It was very casual, like it was his job to just pick up hikers.  And he was blasting a track that is killing me I can’t remember.  But it’s one of the classic Sunday Alton outdoor music tracks with the epic chorus. Winding down the mountain  along all the waterfalls and blue skies and trees. So great.

I walked into the center of town a d sat on a bench and watched the paragliders land and fold up there chutes.  And ate all of my chocolate.  It was so great.


Then I went back to the hostel and made lunch and took another how shower. And my shoes came with me. Now they are pretty again.

Did I mention the hostel has a great breakfast with view of the mountains?



That’s not a great pic of the mountain. But it’s basically 360  views. Gotta love rooftop patios.
Anyway, after my lunch, I went back to the same spot just to be outside and relax.


I love this place.

Returned to he hostel, made a massive dinner because I forgot I had 3/4 of a bag of frozen broccoli, a leek, a bunch of shallots, and a chicken breast to be used up. Yum. I was almost on my way out to go pay a ridiculous amount of money for coffee, but I sat and talked with some Aussies.

I think I will leave fairly early tomorrow to spend some time in Bern, then go down to Lausanne where I will stay until my flight on Monday. This will be my first time couchsurfing since I refuse to spend anymore money on pricey hostels.  It’s going to be fun!!


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